No investments canceled so far since U.S. election, Mexican auto industry officials said

Two Mexico’s top auto industry officials said they were unaware of any canceled investments in Mexico or of any companies that might have decided to leave the country since Donald Trump became president-elect.

Eduardo Solis, head of Mexico’s auto industry group AMIA, and Oscar Albin, head of the auto parts group INA agreed that, of those plans that have already been set, fortunately nobody has delayed or canceled them.

“We have not seen any curb on the arrival of new auto parts makers or on the expansion of plants already here in Mexico”, Albin added.

Trump stirred fears of a loss of investment during the presidential campaign by threatening to tear up a joint trade deal and impose tariffs on Mexican-made goods, complaining the country was “killing” the United States on trade.

The New York real estate tycoon condemned U.S. manufacturers for investing in Mexico during the campaign, accusing companies like Ford and General Motors of being unpatriotic.


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