North Central Zone – Issue 49

++mubea++ Mubea invests US$20 million, plus they have expansion plans

Ramoz Arizpe coahuila,- With a US$20 million investment, the German company Mubea Group, inaugurated the industrial building they bought in Santa Maria Industrial Park, where by the end of 2010 they will start producing suspension coil springs for the automotive industry, employing 50 workers, to be added to the 200 jobs they already generate in their plant located at Pideco Park in Ramos Arizpe.

This building is located in an 80,000 m2 (861,109 ft2) surface, where they are planning to build a third plant by 2015. In their first plant (Ramos Arizpe), Mubea produces 90 million valve springs and 150 million hose clamps in five production lines. “Most important is that Mubea stays in Coahuila; the premises where they are currently operating is leased but this new plant was bought, which means they will stay in Coahuila and they will keep on growing”, said Jorge Alanis Canales, State Minister of Economic Foster.