North Central Zone – Issue 51

++delphi++ Delphi invests in Juarez

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua,- After two years without any growth in Ciudad Juarez, Delphi announced a US$11 million investment and the creation of 240 new jobs in Juarez. This investment is being made in a new production line at Rio Bravo Electrricos XX Plant, located at Paseo de la Victoria Avenue, where heat exchange equipment will be manufactured to be used in air conditioners.
The corporation informed that the investment was applied in a new production line that will grow and become a plant that may employ over 2,000 people.
The company’s labor force shrunk with the crisis. During the last economic boom Delphi reached 18,000 jobs at Ciudad Juarez, while yesterday they reported only 12,000, which means a considerable cut down after layoffs and companies sold in the last two years, when Delphi won the battle against bankruptcy, filed burdened with General Motors’ trouble.