North East Zone – Issue 54

++lego++ Largest Lego plant in the world to be located in Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico.- The largest Lego plant will be located in Mexico as of next October, after this Danish company, manufacturer of plastic blocks to make toys, invested US$150 million in its expansion. 
The complex, located in Cienega de Flores, Nuevo Leon, will outdo in size and production other plants in Denmark, Czech Republic and Hungary. 
The plastics molding and injection plant to be completed soon will be fully robotized and is already starting to operate 24/7. The whole production by this plant is shipped to the USA. 
“Each 1% gained in share of the market there (USA) is reflected in this plant in an increase over three times in manufacture”, Pablo Salazar, Chief Operations Officer for Lego Mexico, pointed-out in a tour through the plant. 
With the new investment, the amount allocated by the company adds to US$250 million from October 2008 to October 2011, when the expansion will be inaugurated.