North East Zone – Issue 57

++tamaulipas++ Steel company will start operations in Tamaulipas

Tamaulipas, Reynosa.- Tamaulipas Government confirmed that the steel company ACERTAM will start operating this year in Rio Bravo Municipality, generating 1,000 jobs in the border zone, with a US$350 million investment. 
In a press release, Monica Gonzalez Garcia, State Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, explained that this project will trigger economy in Rio Bravo and the border zone as far as employment and chain of supply is concerned. 
According to the company, the plant will be located on a 150 hectares plot, and will use junk smelting to produce special steel bars and pipes for construction, automotive and oil industries. 
Gonzalez Garcia said: “ACERTAM will be of great importance to the economy in Rio Bravo and Tamaulipas. We are speaking about almost 1,000 jobs generated by this project, in addition to the chain of suppliers they may require to operate”.