North East Zone – Issue 83

North East Zone – Issue 83

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Hakkai inaugurates new plant in Mexico

The Japanese auto-parts maker Hakkai has recently inaugurated its new plant in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, with an investment of US$20 million. The new plant, located in the Milenium Industrial Park, will produce steering sensors, coil bobbin and gears for the large automotive assemblers and electronic companies. Honda and Alcom are two of their main customers. Akihiko Seki, President of the Hakkai Group, said that they will work to serve the NAFTA countries and Brazilian markets through this industrial complex. The plant will feature production of over 600 million pieces per year and generate an estimated 200 to 300 jobs.

Swedish Company invests in Nuevo Leon

The Swedish Company Beckers produces high quality durability coatings. The firm recently inaugurated its first plant in Mexico with an investment of US$8 million. The new plant will be located in Apodaca and will produce paints used for coils, coating and other applications. It is anticipated that 50 direct jobs will be generated. Boris Gorella, President of the European Consortium, explained that Beckers produces coverings for agriculture equipment, construction, trucks, automotive plastics and rail transport. Fernando Turner Davila, Minister of Economic Development in Nuevo Leon, for his part, highlighted the importance of local and international companies scheduled to arrive in the State.

Japanese windshield manufacturer starts operations in San Luis Potosi

According to a statement from the government of the State of San Luis Potosí, auto part maker AGC Automotive just opened a factory in the Logistik II Industrial Park. This effort was possible with an investment of US$60 million pushed operations to get started in Mexico. The Japanese firm will produce 750,000 laminated windshield units catering to Ford, BMW, General Motors, Toyota, Mazda, Chrysler, Volkswagen (VW) and Nissan. Takuya Shimamura, President of AGC Automotive, reported that the initial staff is made up of 80 members, but the projected staff will include 110 people. The company’s objective is working to serve the international automotive market.

BMW starts building new San Luis Potosi facilities

BMW is setting the first stone of its new industrial building in San Luis Potosi, announced Raymond Wittmann the Vice President for Plant Planning. US$1 billion is being invested in this new factory which is expected to start-up operations in 2019, he said. According to Mr. Wittmann: "This is the first city in the world that will have three large-capacity assembling plants. This is an advantage for the region and for Mexico and the effort really stands out as an infrastructure challenge." He emphasized that 150,000 vehicles will be produced in these facilities and 1,500 direct employees will be hired.

FagorEderlan will build a factory in San Luis Potosi

FagorEderlan, the leading Spanish supplier of complete solutions for the automotive sector, will be kick-starting two new industrial buildings for low-pressure aluminum. One of them is located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and the other one is in Bergara, Gipuzkoa, in the middle of the Spainish Basque Country. Up to US$97 million will be injected to fund both projects. This will trigger creation of at least 300 new job openings. The construction works of the plant in Mexico began last October in San Luis Potosi and operations will be starting this year. FagorEderlan Mexico, SA, will be the second Grupo Ederlan building in the territory.

KIA Motors starts operations in Nuevo Leon

KIA Motors has formally started operations in its new plant in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon. KIA Motors Mexico and its affiliate companies have invested US$3 billion to build this production center. As a result 14,000 job openings will be offered by the year 2017. In addition, there will be new job opportunities for suppliers. All this will contribute an estimated economic flow of US$1.5 billion into the State over the next 10 years. Seong Bae-Kim, President and CEO of KIA Motors Mexico, remarked that the Corporation will continue investing in the development of its facilities until an annual peak production of 300,000 units has been reached.

Tamaulipas to receive Italian investment

The Italian group Haemotronic will invest nearly US$10 million to establish a new Industrial Building in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. The aim is to manufacture medical products. Ettore Ravizza, Executive Manager of the firm, explained that the construction process is set to start in the upcoming month of November and operations are expected to have begun by January 2017. The reasons behind this investment were excellent market conditions, the geographical location, but most of all it is the labor force from Reynosa that is so important. Staff recruitment is slated to begin soon and training will be provided before operations start up.

Japanese company starts activities in San Luis Potosi

Japanese firm NidecTosok inaugurated a building at Colinas de San Luis Industrial Park located in San Luis Potosi. The investment totaled US$86 million and 770 new direct jobs have been created. This company is dedicated to the production of control valves for automatic transmission systems used in vehicles in the North American market. The inauguration was presided over by Gustavo Puente Orozco, the Minister of Economic Development, who took advantage of the occasion to underscore the importance of the manufacturing industry export rate which accounted for US$31.8 million from 2006 to 2015.