North West Zone – Issue 49

North West Zone – Issue 49

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++solar++ Mexico sonora solar project

Mexico green energy developer Grupo Verde Mexico(GVM) plans to permit and build the biggest Solar array in the Americas. At sites in Sonora, 2 years of land negotiations have resulted in 1000’s of hectares being made ready for the 1GW project.

Grupo Verde Mexico have been working closely with Sonora government CORPOSON in Hermosio who want to regenerate the coastal region as a green energy region for business to relaunch as carbon neutral real estate for the demand created by their customers.

The energy strategy of Mexico and USA has aligned, it is now policy for the two powers to work together to create a smart grid strategy for the energy security for both country’s.

The project will be using a multi-solar strategy from Concentrated Photo Voltaic(CPV) to crystallines and thin film PV’s. The demand for solar in the America’s is growing rapidly with the USA expected to be installing 5GW by 2015. We will be working with many Mexico/USA solar providers.

Simon Lloyd CEO of GVM told Mexico Now “ Mexico has a strategically important position in the region”. “Vast amounts of land with amazing solar radiance. Easy permitting and government support. Plus world bank funding and Mexico is a UN prefered Certification project country”

The project will create thousands of green jobs from general work installing the solar to engineers required to manage the project and maintain power output.

Lloyd also told “ we also plan to work with the University’s of Mexico because if we build this project we need the educated peoples of Mexico to mange the installation and for example Monterrey Tech has now started their sustainability degree’s so we will be working with them so students knowwhat toexpect when working for a big solar company.”

“We also plan to use energy storage solutions. By 2015 USA states like California require green energy to come from storage systems and as we are connected by CFE grid we can be supplying peak energy to the states as well as businesses in Mexico who now want green energy for their new green immage Mexico consummers are now demanding”
Building will start in 2011.