North West Zone – Issue 58

++bajacalifornia++ Benthic expands facilities

Tecate, Baja California.- The Minister of Economic Development, Alejandro Mungaray Lagarda, delivered an incentive for MXP$254,188 to Benthic Products for an exemption in the Tax on Compensations for Personal Work, Impuesto Sobre Remuneraciones al Trabajo Personal (ISRTP), as per the State’s Law to Foster Competitiveness and Economic Development. 
This US-based company works on the assembly, manufacture and industrial production of all kinds of sewn articles and products. They currently have 37 employees, a number that will go up to 60 in the next few months. Benthic Products will receive this incentive during three years for new jobs generated. 
In addition to ISRTP Tax exemption, the corresponding Act considers incentives for organizations that use systems to treat and reuse residual water; and companies that hire senior citizens and/or challenged individuals.