Nouryon, formerly AkzoNobel, completes US$ 14 million expansion to double output capacity

Nouryon, formerly AkzoNobel, completes US$ 14 million expansion to double output capacity

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Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel) announced it has more than doubled capacity for emulsion-based organic peroxides at its site in Los Reyes, state of Mexico to meet increased customer demand in the North American polyvinyl chloride (PVC) market.

The company introduced emulsion-based peroxides to North America in 2018. Used for making PVC – a plastic used in a wide variety of products including pipes, doors, windows and home siding – these alternatives to solvent-based peroxides are inherently safer while also improving product quality.

According to previous reports, the company invested around US$ 14.6 million to complete the second expansion at the facility in two year. Back in January 2017, the company finalized another US$ 23 million expansion in organic peroxides capacity, followed in May by the completion of a project which increased overall peroxyester capacity in North America by 40%.

Also worth noting is that the new expansion at the Los Reyes site was originally slated to complete by May 2019.

“We are pleased that customers are attracted to the benefits of emulsions for PVC production,” said Johan Landfors, Managing Director Polymer Chemistry at Nouryon. “We have expanded production capacity quickly to meet demand and are ready to build more capacity to grow with our customers in the future.”

Emulsion-based peroxides also play a key role in Nouryon’s patented continuous initiator dosing (CiD) technology, which allows PVC producers to increase reactor output by up to 40% with minimum capital expenditure.

The Los Reyes expansion is the latest in a series of investments by Nouryon to better serve and grow with its customers in the polymer market. Another expansion project in Mexico is due to be completed this year and additional capacity is also scheduled to come online in Brazil, China, and India.



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