Nuevo Leon and Texas selected to strengthen hydrogen chain

Nuevo Leon and Texas selected to strengthen hydrogen chain

NUEVO LEON - The state of Nuevo Leon and the city of Houston, Texas, were chosen to strengthen the hydrogen chain in both regions through the H2 Twin Cities program.

The Nuevo Leon Ministry of Economy explained that the initiative is sponsored by CleanEnergy Ministerial (CEM) and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), through the State Renewable Energy Agency.

The program brings together cities with different levels of hydrogen deployment to facilitate knowledge transfer and establish relationships that drive the global adoption of hydrogen infrastructure and technology.

In this edition, the project highlighted the collaboration between Houston, Texas, as a mentor city, and Nuevo Leon, Mexico, as a mentee city and is led by the Center for Houston's Future and the State Renewable Energy Agency, respectively.

"This recognition confirms Nuevo León's commitment to sustainable development and clean energy innovation," said Secretary of Economy Iván Rivas.

Collaborative activities will focus, among other issues, on feasibility assessments, supply chain integration, investment attraction, infrastructure, training and specialization, in addition to identifying synergies to elevate trade and export opportunities.

The H2 Regional Energy Hub project will support the implementation of six strategic plans to promote the development of a clean hydrogen industry: regulation and certifications, energy efficiency and technology optimization, market development, skills training, development of a regional hub, and cross-cutting projects.