Nuevo León is looking for new investments within China and Japan

NUEVO LEON – The Ministry of Economy and Labor of Nuevo León will carry out commercial missions in China and Japan for 10 days; the ministry will visit between 15 and 20 companies with the objective of attracting foreign investment for Nuevo León.

The head of the Ministry of Economy and Labor, Roberto Russildi Montellano, commented that these companies correspond to different sectors, including the automotive and home appliances.

Russildi stated Nuevo León is attractive to foreign investment because of its legal certainty, since installation procedures, the quality of its human capital and constant training are being reduced; therefore, its strategy is not to offer incentives, but to highlight the competitive advantages of the state.

From January to September of 2019, the entity captured US $ 2.7 billion of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), occupying the second place, only behind Mexico City.

Source: El Economista