Nuevo Leon: next supply aerospace center

Nuevo Leon: next supply aerospace center

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NUEVO LEON – The French aircraft manufacturer Airbus expressed interest in turning Nuevo León into a supply center for the aerospace sector. “Since Nuevo León has consolidated production chains for the automotive and appliance industries, it has the potential to supply the aerospace sector,” stated Alberto Robles, Airbus' vice president for Latin America.

"Nuevo León has the capacity to develop a strong supply network for the aerospace industry, just as it did with the automotive and household appliance sectors," explained Robles.

The entity has about 20 Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies with the capacity to supply the aerospace industry, including Frisa, Parker, PCC, Element, Castle Metals and Paulo.

"We must take advantage of this potential so that current companies can produce inputs for the aerospace sector, as well as serve new companies, generating very well paid jobs in advanced manufacturing," stressed Roberto Russildi, head of Secretaría de Economía y Trabajo (Sedet).

He stressed that Sedet will seek to explore this potential by the hand of the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industry (FEMIA).

Source: El Financiero