Nuevo León will promote the tooling industry

Currently the tooling industry represents a large area of opportunity for growth, so it is essential to unify efforts and gain ground within the issue.

This type of measures are already being implemented by states such as Nuevo Leon, which through the Automotive Cluster (Claut) signed an agreement with the Tooling Cluster of Portugal (Pool Net), and with what will seek to develop this industry through the collaboration of Mexican companies and that country.

Manuel Montoya, director of Claut de Nuevo Leon, said that the field of work is very wide because only 5% of all consumed tools are produced in Mexico.

95% come from other countries such as China, United States, Canada, among others. But the importance of this agreement with the Tooling Cluster of Portugal is because this country has specialized in this type of machinery and that is an equipment to be able to produce in series. They are specialists in plastic injection molds”, explained the director.