Nuevo León’s industrial sector seeks to buy vaccines against COVID-19

Nuevo León’s industrial sector seeks to buy vaccines against COVID-19

MONTERREY – The National Council of the Maquiladora and Export Manufacturing Industry in Nuevo León (Index) reported that since November export manufacturing companies have shown interest in applying vaccines to their collaborators against influenza and COVID-19. However, until now they have not been able to apply the influenza vaccine to all workers through the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and there is no availability of doses in the private sector.

Cecilia Carrillo López, general director of Index Nuevo León, commented that the companies of the Manufacturing Industry, Maquiladora and Export Services (IMMEX), represent 19% of formal jobs in the IMSS of Nuevo León and offer on average benefits higher than those marked by law.

“The purchase of vaccines is an additional and unforseen cost for companies; the purchase of vaccines for influenza or coronavirus could be done by organizations that have not suffered a negative impact due to the health emergency and the suspension of activities,, which are a few,” she said.

She added that the companies that can buy a vaccine will be the ones that have the flow and sufficient capital to do so.

“It is important to understand that organizations are not obliged to buy vaccines for their workers; it is not their responsibility,” she said.

The objective of the companies is to establish protocols and strategies to take care of the health of their collaborators and achieve maximum productivity and efficiency in the work centers.

Source: El Economista