Nuevo Puerto de Veracruz to take foreign trade to the next level

Nuevo Puerto de Veracruz to take foreign trade to the next level

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The project that could possibly become one of the most important ports, nationwide, is to commence operations in November of 2018. The Nuevo Puerto de Veracruz will have a capacity of 25 million tons in its first phase; however, by 2030, said port will be able to manage up to 95 million tons.

According to Fortino Fernandez Espinosa, executive vice president of CAAAREM (Confederacion de Asociaciones de Agentes Aduanales de la Republica Mexicana), the new port was born out of a logistic necessity. He emphasized that the current port in Veracruz has surpassed its merchandise reception capacity and, in the past two years, the port has been saturated.

While both ports will work in sync in order to alleviate the constant merchandise arrival in Veracruz, the final objective is to eventually close down Veracruz’s current port and start using the new one which, as it was previously said, is expected to expand its infrastructure in the coming years. In this sense, while the current port operates with one dock, the new port will operate three.

Fernandez Espinosa pointed out that the new port will be able to foment European and South American arrivals in Veracruz, therefore, fortifying commercial links with said continents.  

When asked about the second phase of the port, to be managed by the president-elect, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s administration, the executive vice president of the CAAAREM said that it is absolutely expected of the new government to efficiently follow up with the project so as to keep strengthening Mexico’s international exchange.

“The Nuevo Puerto de Veracruz will take us to the next level in terms of foreign trade with Europe and the world,” concluded Fernandez Espinosa.