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MEXICO – The supply and demand of careers in the aerospace industry in Mexico has been increasing, and according to information from the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA), in recent years more than 4,000 professionals have graduated in this field.


In Mexico there are 13 states (including Baja California, Chihuahua, Querétaro and Sonora) that have some type of educational offer related to the aerospace industry and the growth and strengthening of this offer is of vital importance for the consolidation of the aerospace industry that has the potential to generate jobs.


In the last seven school cycles, 4,523 people graduated from aerospace careers, of which 82% were at an undergraduate level and the remaining 18% at an advanced university technical level. This growth has been exponential since during the 2010-2011 cycle only 214 young people graduated, while during the 2016 - 2017 cycle the figure increased to 1,038.


According to information from the Mexican Council of Aerospace Education (COMEA), 29 institutions have an educational offer regarding the industry and 12 academic programs are offered.


The Aeronautics University of Querétaro (UNAQ) stands out, since it has become one of the main actors in the training of professionals in the aerospace industry, to the point of signing an agreement with the company General Electric (GE) for the creation of a new engineering center.


"The great challenge is to generate Mexican supply chains that can be linked with transnational companies” said Federico Pérez Fuentes, UNAQ's planning and linking secretary.


Source: a21