On Mexico Issue 44

On Mexico Issue 44

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Marco Adame Castillo:

"What our state and our country require is precisely the commitment and value of businessmen with a high social purpose. They are making it clear to us that working in Morelos and in Mexico is a real possibility. It is possible to invest and jobs generated by Ruiland Labs are but a sample of what we need as the sole and best way to overcome any challenges, whether economic or financial, and encourage us to do our best."
Marco Adame Castillo, State of Morelos Governor

Julian Eguren:

"We analyze the context, the crisis and its possible effects and think that with this crisis Mexico has an opportunity and we have an opportunity. We believe this crisis is going to move production from elsewhere in the world to more competitive places."
Julian Eguren, President, Ternium Mexico

Jorge Mtanous:

"Mexico needs employment, it needs to fight poverty... and this is done by increasing competitiveness and promoting investment leading to a modern economy with a long-term perspective. In northern Mexico, specifically in Coahuila, there is better infrastructure and now is the time to exploit it."
Jorge Mtanous, Director, Speco Wind Power Monclova

Hugo Santana:

"In IBM we are very proud to announce this important investment in Mexico. This is because it increases exports from this country and promotes Mexican talent while making Guadalajara Campus more visible to the world. And it also reinforces the experience obtained throughout 34 years of existence."
Hugo Santana, President/CEO, IBM Mexico

Masumi Hirose:

"After BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) the next group of countries with potential value we call MINT. It includes Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey). Mexico is in this group and has the largest potential for growth. Mexico is among the countries with the highest priority for us."
Masumi Hirose, CEO, Panasonic Mexico

Houssein Carlos Take:

"Zilent's arrival is proof of investment conditions and growth opportunities offered by Chiapas, it's a great place for selling our automobiles in Central America. Zilent's purpose is opening dealerships throughout Mexico. We will be investing US$550,000 in each one. We will start with a network of 20-dealerships."
Houssein Carlos Take, CEO, Zilent Mexico

Ruben Resendiz:

"We have been making some adjustments that have required some investment and it hasn't been much as in the other years. However, up to now more than 90,000 units have been sold in Mexico. Thanks go to the quality, performance and safety offered, This is what keeps us up among the top best sellers in the corresponding segment."
Ruben Resendiz, Public Relations Director, Honda Mexico

John Peter Leesi:

"After facing a hard decision on where to install a new plant – if in India or in Mexico – Luvata chose the latter. We decided to invest and started running the plant. We were determined to establish here not only because of all the facilities found, but also because we are closer to our customers."
John Peter Leesi, President, Luvata

Mitsuru Homma:

"Our Monterrey Plant was actually our first modules assembly facility abroad in our solar energy business line. The Monterrey Plant is an important production site and it's vital in North America for the assembly of our HIT modules, which offer the greatest efficacy. We feel the work done here was a significant contribution to the increase in sales in North America, and that it will keep on being a relevant factor as long as this region continues growing."
Mitsuru Homma, Executive Vice-president, SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz:

"We are aware that the way out, the solution required by our country to leave the economic crisis behind and have a stable economy and make progress is by generating wealth and being friends with investors. This means creating conditions that provide Nuevo Leon with comparative advantages making us more competitive before other states and before other regions in the world. We are doing things so that investors turn their eyes to Nuevo Leon and see something good to grow, produce and ultimately this approach attracts more investment to the State of Nuevo Leon."
Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz, Governor of Nuevo Leon

Eduardo Serrano:

"Ford's stability is possible because we have enough liquidity allowing us to face current economic conditions as a company. This means aggressive restructuring and implementing actions that provide for viability in the future, without resorting to external financing. This puts us in a position quite different from our competitors thanks to the Restructure Plan implemented by Ford over three years ago. This was when Ford de Mexico played a very relevant role. The new plant in Chihuahua comes to enrich the Mexican Automotive Industry, a phenomenon that has become the basis of a dynamic domestic economy. This is because 100's of engines produced here will be exported, mostly to the U.S. and to a lesser extent to Great Britain."
Eduardo Serrano, President and CEO, Ford de Mexico