On Mexico Issue 46

On Mexico Issue 46

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Chuck Jeannes:

"The potential to add new reserves in Mexico is high. Our estates next to Peñasquito are very big and have great exploration potential. We have been working in Mexico for a long time now and we know it is a great place to do business."
Chuck Jeannes, Goldcorp President and CEO

Robert Graves:

"The potential offered by Mexico in food processing, packing and the distribution industry encouraged our company to invest €50 million in three years, ending in 2009, to order to expand our Queretaro Plant."
Robert Graves, Marketing Director for Tetra Pak Mexico

Monica Gonzalez Greer:

"We have many advantages, labor and operation costs are at a very good level which no other country has. This is why Mexico is attractive. Another factor is its geographical location close to the U.S. market, in spite of high logistics cost per unit, distance and time to travel from Mexico to the United States is a lot shorter than to China, for example."
Monica Gonzalez Greer, Chairwoman of National the Council of Export Manufacturing Industry

Martha Lara:

"The Arnprior Project will translate into economic growth and a stronger regional market. They are committed to contributing to the development of the State of Chihuahua. This is the first plant this company has established in Mexico, with a US$3 million investment generating 136 direct jobs and many more indirect jobs."
Martha Lara, Minister of Industrial Development for the State of Chihuahua

Willi Ewers:

"Mexico is one of the countries in the world with the best conditions for production. This is due to inexpensive labor, similar to China and India, and is also recognized for its highly qualified labor. In addition, it has the plus of its international trade agreements network."
Willi Ewers, Magna International Vice-President, Business Development for Latin America

Guilherme Loureiro:

"At an international level, Mexico offers strategic advantages for a company like Unilever. Its potential domestic market and its geographical location, as well as its position in Latin America will provide for the capitalization of our investment in the new Aerosols Plant to benefit customers and consumers."
Guilherme Loureiro, Unilever President and CEO

Gerhard Gross:

"We are encouraging both Mexican and foreign suppliers who make components, for easier production and shipments abroad to come and do it in Saltillo. In addition, the space and logistics here are excellent and anyone with a factory in any place of the world should consider the benefits offered by Mexico."
Gerhard Gross, President and CEO for Daimler in Mexico

Jorge Ramos:

"No less than US$100 million will be invested to establish a ZX Automotive Company here. This will generate at least 2,000 formal jobs. In addition to the geographical advantage and qualified labor offered in our city, the City Hall will grant incentives on property taxes and fees on ownership transfer. In addition, personal executives will assist them so they receive more incentives."
Jorge Ramos, Mayor of Tijuana City

Jean-Paul Herteman:

"Mexico is the third most important market for our company, only after France and the United States. Close to US$500 million have been invested and 3,000 jobs have been generated here. Mexico is a strategic partner for Groupe Safran due to its level of development in the Aerospace Industry, which makes it very attractive for investment."
Jean-Paul Herteman, Chairman, Groupe Safran

Felipe Calderon:

"We are aware that the economic crisis affected accelerated growth in previous years. However, there is also good news; for instance, the economy has been recovering since last summer. Another piece of welcome news is the fact that during the last quarter of 2009 the Aeronautics Industry in Mexico started rebounding, as well."
Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico

Raul Esquivel:

"2010 is a year of challenges for Logitech because it provides new opportunities to grow, in addition to the great year we had in 2009. That is why we are forecasting an increase in our invoicing to double figures for 2009. This may sound risky or pretentious, but the truth is--this is a year of consolidation for Logitech and increased confidence in our brand in Mexico."
Raul Esquivel, Marketing Manager, Logitech Mexico

Juan Francisco Molinar Horcasitas:

"Public investment in infrastructure has grown 93% during the current Administration. It went from a little over US$1.850 billion in 2006 to a record figure of US$5.2 billion estimated for 2010. This investment has provided for significant progress in the quality of transportation and logistics processes, which strengthen Mexico as a logistics platform."
Juan Francisco Molinar Horcasitas, Minister of Communications and Transportation