On Mexico Issue 47

On Mexico Issue 47

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Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero:

"Mexico is a good place to invest and in spite of hardships in the global economy Spanish companies are putting their money on the long term and are willing to stay in Mexico. They may be counted on for their contribution to progress and development here and for their commitment to social responsibility. President Calderon knows this well, that Mexico has the encouragement and support of the Spanish Government."
Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Spanish Prime Minister

Flavio Diaz Miron:

"We are the first company to completely assemble an airplane, and we are expecting to do it in record time due to the advantages we have found here. We have decided to accelerate our plans. Mexico has become, for example, the world center for the manufacture of Bombardier harnesses and this means that all of our airplanes now have Mexican harnesses. Mexico is becoming the Manufacturing Home for the Bombardier Family."
Flavio Diaz Miron, Bombardier's Head Representative for Mexico and Latin America

Lorenza Martinez:

"The Automotive Industry has been invigorated, posting a 1.9% net growth. The automotive sector in Mexico must now work on engineering, technological development, product design and larger value-added potential to attract new investments."
Lorenza Martinez, Industry and Trade Sub-Secretary in the Ministry of the Economy

Whan Bok Cho:

"Mexico is a very important country for Korea. It is the most important country in our trade relations in Latin America and is a strategic partner. Mexico is the only country with which Korea has a strategic partnership, in fact, and this is reflected in investments and trade exchange."
Whan Bok Cho, Korean Ambassador in Mexico

Felipe Calderon Hinojosa:

"Mexico is a very good place to invest. There are more than 2,400 Canadian companies operating in Mexico. Some of their most important companies are investing here and they have very profitable and quite successful operations. We are also working hard on transforming the Mexican economy. This is the reason why we are truly optimistic about Mexico's future."
Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, President of Mexico

Linda Hasenfratz:

"Our company, will invest a total of US$120 million from now and on into 2011 to expand our plants in Ramos Arizpe, Gomez Palacio and Nuevo Laredo. In the last few years this company has invested US$230 million in Mexico. This confirms how important Mexico is for Canadian companies and our confidence in this country's growth potential."
Linda Hasenfratz, CEO, Linamar

Alfredo Gonzalez:

"Special efforts have been made on actions that lead to increasing people's living standards. This is being done through strategic integration between businessmen and workers to sustain continued growth. To achieve this purpose, we are joining the major strategy of decisively walking the path of dynamism and competitiveness."
Alfredo Gonzalez, Minister of Economic Development and Employment in the State of Tamaulipas

Jaime Creel Sisniega:

"Big entrepreneurs still think that Mexico provide good opportunities where they can establish their factories. Even if it is true that some operations have been postponed due to these adverse circumstances, Chihuahua stays on the map of investors and the manufacturing industry. Therefore, the inauguration of this new operation by Cessna is a message of optimism for all."
Jaime Creel Sisniega, President, Intermex

Ismael Hernandez Deras:

"By establishing here, DAWS strengthens our competivie profile and jobs generation. This is the new Durango we are all building: attractive, open to investments and always willing to cooperate to facilitate the generation of more jobs. This new company confirms that transformation is on the right track and we are going to continue with our transfromation agenda which generates more competitiveness, more jobs and more development."
Ismael Hernandez Deras, Governor, State of Durango

Arturo Avila Cisneros:

"This has been a good year to attract foreign investment to Chihuahua in the Aerospace sector. Bell Helicopter will occupy a world-class building that will provide the opportunity to keep on growing. This operation reinforces the State's leadership in the Aerospace sector. This is where companies have found optimum conditions to develop and most companies in this sector, mainly European companies, are willing to work in supplier development. This opens an important area for business opportunity for small and medium companies."
Arturo Avila Cisneros, Chairman, Maquiladoras and Exporters Association