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Ari Bensaks:

"The competitive advantages the State of Mexico enjoys in investment, as well as opportunities in key sectors, such as automotive and auto parts, food and beverages, the chemicalpharmaceutical industry and the Aerospace Industry, among others, offer foreign investors a high value offer. This consists of highly qualified human capital, access to more than 30% of the Mexican GDP, plus excellent modern infrastructure. Other advantages include efficient logistics, low operation risks, regional synergy and an environment of economic competitiveness." Ari Bensaks, ProMexico Counselor in China

Gerardo Ruiz Mateos:

"The great advantage Mexico offers to Israel is access to countries that account for two thirds of the world GDP. Also, Mexico has a Jewish community with great business drive and which is a role model in making business and generating jobs. This brings Mexico and Israel very close. They are the ones who have given impulse to NAFTA."
Gerardo Ruiz Mateos, Former Minister of the Economy

Felipe Calderon:

"I know that the drug-war strategy has been questioned and my administration is more than willing to revise, strengthen or change it if needed. What I ask, simply, is for clear ideas and precise proposals on how to improve this strategy."
Felipe Calderon, Mexico's President

Jochem Eximan:

"The new Bicentenario model is good news for Volkswagen, but it is also a reason for joy in Mexico and for the whole Mexican Automotive Industry. This is because it is really a Mexican car, being shipped from Mexico to the whole world. Not only is it manufactured by Mexicans here in Puebla, but also 70% of its parts are supplied by Mexican companies. But most of all this car is made with unprecedented quality, with parts developed and designed by our more than 900 Mexican engineers and specialists in the Volkswagen de Mexico technical development area. Volkswagen de Mexico reaffirms today its commitment to its employees and to the Puebla community and society in and throughout Mexico."
Jochem Eximan, Member of the Board of Directors, Volkswagen Group

Enrique Peña Nieto:

"We want Mexico to be among your interests and priorities. This is because we are positive there exists a great opportunity for Chinese businessmen to invest in Mexico. I am sure that the Mexico-China relationship will grow in coming years. China is already our second trade partner after the U.S."
Enrique Peña Nieto, State of Mexico Governor

George Fellows:

"Callaway decided to establish in Nuevo Leon due to its geographical location and labor quality. Two factors here are joined: logistics and talent. Callaway global operations redesign will strengthen its business model, making it more flexible, to better position the company and develop a distribution channel in Mexico while minimizing logistics costs."
George Fellows, President and CEO, Callaway Golf

Vicente Fox:

"We should consider legalizing the production, distribution and sale of drugs. Legalizing in this sense does not mean drugs are good and don't harm those who consume them. Rather we should look at it as a strategy to strike at and break the economic structure that allows gangs to generate huge profits in their trade, which feeds corruption and increases their areas of power."
Vicente Fox, Former Mexican President

Bruno Ferrari:

"Baja California has the largest number of companies in the Aerospace industry in Mexico. There are 51 companies. This is a number equal to 25% of the total in Mexico. Also, 54% of these companies are based in Tijuana and generate around 7,000 direct jobs. Therefore, Tijuana is the spearhead for development in Mexico."
Bruno Ferrari, Minister of the Economy

Santiago Barbadillo de María:

"We have almost the same number of franchises in the Spanish market as here in Mexico, with the difference that Mexico has now been operating this business model for barely two decades. In addition, the market is four times larger than ours and there is the possibility of expanding from Mexico to the entire continent."
Santiago Barbadillo de María, d Franchises Consultant for Spain

Hillary Rodham Clinton:

"The Merida Initiative, the three-year, $1.3 billion U.S. aid package to help Mexico fight organized crime, will expand to emphasize strengthening communities. We are expanding this initiative because it is not just about security. Yes, that is paramount, but it is also about institution-building, plus working together to spur social and economic development."
Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State