On Mexico Issue 50

On Mexico Issue 50

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Manuel Sandoval:

"In the last few years Mexico has been first in receiving investments in the Aerospace sector from the 50 main companies in the world. We currently have the fifth most important aircraft fleet in the world and are second in tested jets."
Manuel Sandoval, Head of Innovation, Prospective Analysis with ProMexico

Joao Carlos Brega:

"Mexico, due to its geographic location is attractive for the South American company. Mexico takes Embraco even closer to its customers in this region, cutting down response times for markets in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. We must acknowledge the quality of Mexican labor and the excellent level of engineers in Mexico."
Joao Carlos Brega, Embraco President

Alberto Chretin Castillo:

"Today Chihuahua is the operations base for several Aerospace companies. This is due to its modern infrastructure and technical training and research. Furthermore it has the advantage of having real estate developers and promoters which continue attracting investment, such as many important American Industries."
Alberto Chretin Castillo, Chihuahua State Minister of the Economy

Gabriel Lopez:

"The Hermosillo team outdoes quality processes in other Ford plants in the world and we are repeating that success in our Cuautitlan Plant. That is where the new Ford Fiesta is being assembled. It is a model that has met every expectation and that is why we will continue investing in Mexico."
Gabriel Lopez, Ford President and Chief Executive Officer in Mexico

Winston Merchor:

"We were in Mexico for almost 50 years and then we left, but we kept selling White Westinghouse products. We returned five years ago to the Mexican market which has a very advanced and consolidated industry. In addition, there is also the tariff reduction policy, which really benefits final consumers."
Winston Merchor, CEO for Electrolux Mexico

Angel Cano:

"Mexico has been an example for management in the last few decades featuring endurance in terms of macro stability, and with a differentially sound financial system that since 2008 has been wide-open to foreign markets. The nation demonstrates a very high potential for growth."
Angel Cano, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)

Javier Iscar Hoyos:

"Mexico has potential to become a seat for international arbitration on maritime issues. There are reference arbitration courts there such as the Centro de Arbitraje Mexico (CAM). In addition to that there are modern regulations on arbitration and the fact that processes are carried out in Spanish for a lower cost."
Javier Iscar Hoyos, General Secretary of the European Arbitration Association (AEADE Maritime Arbitration Committee)

Michiel Herkemij:

"Mexico is a developing country with Gross Domestic Product rates higher than those of other countries. Violence is no hindrance for investment in Mexico, quite the opposite. We would like to invite other investors to stake a share in Mexico because there is a market there with many excellent people and consumers and many exciting things left to do."
Michiel Herkemij, CCM Chief Executive Officer

Mario Juarez:

"We are ultimately competing against the whole world, but Mexico is a very attractive choice due to deceleration. This is because the cost of producing in China is no longer the same as before and labor costs are practically identical to ours. We are providing information to investors to help them decide to come here, and not for the low-cost of labor but also due to manufacturing quality and the low cost of logistics."
Mario Juarez, ProMexico Representative in Los Angeles

Jean-Paul Herteman:

"The Aviation sector in the region is growing twice as much as the economy and we are considering increasing our investments in Mexico. A very good reason is the rate of exchange, and we know first hand that exporting is more expensive for European companies when there is a big difference between the Euro and U.S. dollar."
Jean-Paul Herteman, Safran CEO

Neal J Keating:

"We are very proud of Kaman Corporation's expansion in Mexico. We considered several locations throughout the world before making the decision to establish this plant in Chihuahua. It became gradually clear this was the best way to go. The outstanding talent of its hard working people was a factor we considered. We realized this was the right place for Kaman's first base in Mexico."
Neal J Keating, Kaman Corporation President and Chief Operating Officer

Felipe Calderon:

"The arrival of new investments is proof that we have left behind last year's global economic crisis, one of the most severe ever. We are on the path of growth. We are motivated for what we have achieved up to now and will continue working on building a much stronger Mexico."
Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, President of Mexico