On Mexico Issue 51

On Mexico Issue 51

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Gerardo Villavicencio:

"The company is planning to end the expansion of the electric engines plant located in Apodaca by next May. For GE, Mexico is a key market due to its strong growth capacity and many jobs were created with this investment. The effort requires highly specialized engineers, who we know we are going to find in Mexico."
Gerardo Villavicencio Head of Commercial Development, GE-Mexico 

Grace Lieblein:

"With this investment we will make in Toluca, optimism and long-term viability are back in our operations at this complex, which has been a cornerstone for the industrial development of the Region and Automotive Industry in Mexico. This certainly is taking another important step ahead for our customers and all the GM team in Mexico."
Grace Lieblein President and CEO, General Motors Mexico

Horst Prelog:

"Construction of this new plant in San Luis Potosi underlines our commitment to take world-class manufacturing capacities to sites around the world to support our global customers. Mexico is the fourth most important plant for Magna all over the world."
Horst Prelog President, CosmaInternacional

Alonso Aguirre:

"We want to be fair when discussing lack of safety. We want to show the huge potential for the generation of supplies for the maquiladora industry, and do it in a way so that foreign investment will be reassured."
Luis Alonso Aguirre Lang Chairman of the Mexican Council of Maquiladora and Export Manufacturing Industry (Cnimme)

Monica Gonzalez:

"The Maquiladora and export manufacturing industry will keep as a challenge for 2001 maintaining competitiveness in energy prices, access to logistics and the inclusion of more domestic supplies for final products to be exported. Another goal is the inclusion of more and better Mexican supplies in the final products exported."
Monica Gonzalez Garcia Minister of Economic Development and Tourism (SEDET)

Jose Muñoz:

"Our progress has gone beyond our forecasts. We have faced the world economic crisis with the strategy of increasing production, as well as by understanding that in difficult times our customers still require commuting in reliable, high quality vehicles. We will also introduce new models to keep on growing in the Mexican market."
Jose Muñoz President and CEO, Nissan Mexicana

Jonathan Clare:

"This is the first time we have organized a visit to Mexico, and we did it because of so much synergy among companies and this market. Companies that already have operations established in Mexico are looking for new suppliers and are considering expanding their investments. This is because Mexico is growing fast in this sector."
Jonathan Clare Responsible for Aerospace Sector in UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Mexico

Ignacio Galan:

"Our company is firmly committed to Mexico. It is one of the most important countries in our internationalization strategy and where we have an accrued investment of around US$2.7 billion. Mexico is one of Iberdrola’s growth vectors."
Ignacio Galan President, Iberdrola

Otto Lindner:

"Volkswagen Group has made an important decision and Mexico plays a key role in this new strategy. I am very glad to announce that this new Plant will be built in Guanajuato. In addition to analyzing several options in Mexico, alternatives in the U.S. were also considered. Finally, the excellent conditions we found in Mexico convinced all stakeholders that this was the best choice."
Otto Lindner Chairman of the Board, Volkswagen de Mexico

Alberto Chretin:

"This investment being made by Delphi ratifies the corporation’s confidence to grow in Ciudad Juarez. The decision was made because they are mature businessmen who understand well that the economy’s foundations are here. Everyday we can count on qualified labor, industrial infrastructure and an excellent geographical location, among other competitive advantages that are being offered to the companies."
Alberto Chretin Castillo State of Chihuahua Minister of the Economy

Raul Gutierrez:

"Crises represent great opportunities and adaptation means evolution. This is how we face difficulties at GrupoDeacero... This is the time to invest and generate employment that is increasingly productive and competitive; we continue investing without any hesitation and with full confidence."
Raul M. Gutierrez Muguerza CEO, Grupo De Acero

Jose Calzada:

"Siemenskeepson consolidating, laying new foundations. It is a firm that has faith in the excellent labor found everywhere in this great country and in turn our people express growing confidence in these investments coming from abroad that help strengthen our domestic economy."
Jose Calzada Rovirosa Governor, State of Queretaro