On Mexico Issue 52

On Mexico Issue 52

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Bill Boisture:

"The key in Hawker Beechcraft's decision for expansion here is that Chihuahua has a High Technology Training Center which trains and certifies technicians in metals machining and has the capacity to build and deliver large manufactured components which are then shipped to Wichita for final assembly."
Bill Boisture President and CEO, Hawker Beechcraft

William R. Brownfield:

"Mexico has reached rock bottom in the crisis caused by the fight against organized crime structures, but the results will not be seen for a couple more years. Strategies undertaken by the Head of the Federal Public Safety Ministry have already had a great impact."
William R. Brownfield - Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, Director for Policy in the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

Xochilt Diaz:

"Due to the excellent plant infrastructure in our Ciudad Juarez operation, together with the trust we have there in the quality of our labor and the incentives granted by the State Government, the decision was made to expand our operations there. "
Xochilt Diaz Head of Communications, Delphi

Felipe Calderon Hinojosa:

"Mexico is starting to stand out as a highly reliable market in terms of technological development at sites where avionics and power generation components are manufactured. We are convinced that Mexico will achieve the transition from a low-cost manufacturing country to a high technologically developed country. This has provided for the generation of over 35,000 direct jobs."
Felipe Calderon Hinojosa President of Mexico

Bert Stegkemper:

"Mexico's attractive industrial environment and the possibility of counting on qualified labor have been decisive in making the decision to invest in Mexico. The project in the Queretaro Plant will represent a total investment for US$550 million and in its first stage will create more than 100 high specialization jobs."
Bert Stegkemper, Vice-president, Eurocopter Global Chain of Supply

Guido Vildozo:

"In the short term Mexico may receive around US$2.5 billion in investments for the installation of three new Asian automotive plants. The decision to install these new plants in Mexico is based on changes in U.S. laws to sell subcompact cars there."
Guido Vildozo, Associate Director Responsible for the Automotive Industry in Latin America for Global Insight

Jeffrey R. Immelt:

"Mexico's future is promising. Eleven years ago when we started it was a great gamble. We did not know what to expect. Now, I am certain that Mexican engineers are highly qualified. Mexico has a promising future in these industries, so we keep on making long-term investments to make this country number one."
Jeffrey R. Immelt, Global CEO, General Electric (GE)

Jose Calzada Rovirosa:

"Siemens keep son consolidating itself and laying foundations as a company that trusts Mexicans. It is a company that trusts the labor of this great country. It also trusts in the work and confidence provided by our people for these investments coming from abroad in order to consolidate the domestic economy."
Jose Calzada, Rovirosa Governor of the State of Queretaro

Peter Hall:

"There is a perception problem about lack of safety in Mexico, which has been reflected in the news in other countries and is something that worries investors. However, in spite of the lack of safety, Mexico is still attractive for investment. This is due to the strong recovery its economy has experienced, which has been a lot stronger than it has been in the USA."
Peter Hall, Vice-President and Chief Economist, Export Development in Canada

Luis Alonso Aguirre Lang:

"In Mexico's maquilador and manufacturing sector we clearly understand that when speaking about success we are speaking about alliances, about global competition, development and growth. In a word, we are speaking about results."
Luis Alonso Aguirre Lang Chairman, National Council of the Maquiladora and Export Manufacturing Industry

Luis Anthony Olive Hawley:

"Companies that choose Mexico, as a destination for investment and manufacturing projects will largely exceed their medium and long term goals. This has been proven ever since its incorporation in the Aerospace sector."
Luis Anthony Olive Hawley, Head of the Investment Promotion and International Business Unit – ProMexico

Rosalind Wilson:

"Canada's main intention is strengthening even more trade with Mexico. This means direct trade must be established. I always mention this as an example that both countries have overcome the economic crisis thanks to the soundness of their banking systems. I would like to see more Mexico in Canada, not having all their investments stay in the USA. Both countries' economies are very compatible in terms of trade. Mexico is Canada's third largest supplier."
Rosalind Wilson Chairwoman, Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico