On Mexico Issue 53

On Mexico Issue 53

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Bruno Ferrari:

"Mexico has very good inflation control, which is a global reference now. There are good indicators on productivity growth. The labor structure has improved and all of this is proof that we are a good country to attract investments and better business."
Bruno Ferrari, Minister of the Economy

Sergio Escalera:

"Compared to European markets Mexico is growing and taking advantage of areas of opportunity. The country is set in a global position as the seventh market in containers volume. With this growth, we should continue investing in the expansion of Tetra Pak plants in Mexico."
Sergio Escalera, Media Manager, Tetra Pak

Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan:

"Samsung's expansion and anniversary reaffirm that they share our values and key elements of our individual identities, but most of all an endless search for prosperity. Investment and new job generation are also confirmation of the State's and Mexico's economic recovery."
Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, Governor of the State of Baja California

Gabriela Hernandez Cardoso:

"GE is here to stay. Mexico is our partner. We rule out any impact on our capacity to generate jobs as we keep on growing. Lack of safety is a challenge faced by Mexico and even if we recognize that safety-related costs have gone up, this is no reason to hold back or halt either domestic or foreign investment."
Gabriela Hernandez Cardoso, CEO, GE

Javier Duarte de Ochoa:

"We have a port for global exchange of products, qualified human resources and a geographical location that makes Veracruz one of the best destinations for doing business. In addition, in Mexico we strive to encourage investment, technological innovation, labor force training and infrastructure."
Javier Duarte de Ochoa, Governor of Veracruz

Paolo Rocca:

"We are kind of concerned about the lack of safety in Mexico, but we do not consider it a risk for our investment in Techint's new plant. Mexico will overcome this problem, as it has done with many others. This industrial progress would not be possible without President Calderon's fight against organized crime."
Paolo Rocca, President, Techint

Gauthier Lerouge:

"The company is aware of the violence problems being faced by Mexico and specifically in the zones where Faurecia factories are located. But we have taken precautions and we will not withdraw our investments here, therefore, plans for this year include expanding the San Luis Potosi plant, which stands out for the quality of its labor force and its infrastructure."
Gauthier Lerouge, Manager, Faurecia Plant in San Luis Potosi

Zeng Guang'an:

"As part of its strategy for global growth and market expansion, LiuGong will open a representation office in Mexico, therefore consolidating the company's commitment to Mexico, strengthening our presence and deepening our knowledge of this market."
Zeng Guang'an, Global President, LiuGong

Joao Carlos Brega:

"Our presence in Mexico is a strategic step for Embraco's business. This is why we will install a new factory in Mexico. Regarding the lack of safety presently being experienced, particularly in the State of Nuevo Leon where the new plant will be located, we think that this type of investment is made looking at the medium and long terms, and we have no doubt Mexico will solve this problem."
Joao Carlos Brega, Global President, Embraco

Felipe Calderon Hinojosa:

"Mexico is opportunity. Companies must have the certainty of firm application of the law. This is why work is being done to strengthen institutions of safety and justice. Having larger foreign investment is proof that even in the hardest circumstances, global companies are moving back into Mexico."
Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, President of Mexico

Luca Burei:

"Due to the strong growth of our business in Latin America and particularly in Mexico, L'Oreal Group has stayed here to expand production capacity. Mexico, being a neighbor of the USA, acts as a bridge between South America and North America. It represents a port of entry and exit for the European market. With this investment L'Oreal's confidence in Mexico is confirmed."
Luca Burei, CEO, L'Oreal Mexico

Min Dong Kim:

"Posco Mexico is not only a Korean company, but also a Mexican company. This shows the very important commitment POSCO Mexico has to the continuous development of the Mexican economy and its total confidence in Mexico's brilliant future."
Min Dong Kim, POSCO President in Mexico