On Mexico Issue 54

On Mexico Issue 54

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Bert Stegkemper:

"The attractive industrial environment in the country and the possibility to find qualified labor there have been crucial to make the decision to invest in Mexico. The Queretaro Plant project will represent a total investment of US$550 million, creating more than 100 high specialization jobs in the first stage."
Bert Stegkemper, Vice-president, Global Chain of Supply, Eurocopter

Luis Anthony Olive:

"The companies that choose Mexico as an investment destination and manufacturing project will far exceed their medium and long term goals, as has been proven since its incorporation in the Aerospace sector."
Luis Anthony Olive, Hawley Head of the Unit for the Promotion of Investment and International Business, ProMexico

Manuel Sandoval:

"In the last few years Mexico has been the main receiver of investment in the Aerospace sector by the 50 main companies in the world. But it has also been the main receiver of research and development where it now ranks sixth. We currently have the fifth most important air fleet in the world and second in tested jets."
Manuel Sandoval, Head of Innovation Prospective Analysis, ProMexico

Jaime Gonzalez Luna:

"Investments by three U.S. companies devoted to precision machining and Aerospace components manufacturing and two Canadian companies devoted to special processes and compound materials are expected to invest in 2011. This speaks highly of Mexico's capacity to grow in spite of the economic crisis and lack of safety."
Jaime Gonzalez Luna, President, Tijuana Economic Development

Bill Boisture:

"We made this investment because we have seen the excellence of qualified labor and we know they can take this greater responsibility. The key in Hawker Beechcraft's decision to expand here is that Chihuahua has a Training Center in High Technology where technicians in metals mechanizing are trained and certified. "
Bill Boisture, President and CEO, Hawker Beechcraft

Gerardo Villavicencio:

"Mexico is a key market for GE due to its strong growth capacity. For this investment, many of the jobs created require highly specialized engineers and we know we can find them in Mexico."
Gerardo Villavicencio, Senior Commercial Development Manager, GE-Mexico.

Jean-Paul Herteman:

"Far from considering there is a crisis in Aeronautics, we think the sector is rather going through a great moment. The Aviation sector in the region is growing twice as much as the economy and we are considering increasing our investments in Mexico. One very good reason is the rate of exchange; we, as European companies, find it harder to export when there is such a big difference between the Euro and U.S. dollar."
Jean-Paul Herteman, CEO, Safran

Flavio Diaz Miron:

"We will be the first company to assemble a complete airplane and we think we will do this in record time. This is due to the advantages we have found in the country. Mexico has become, for example, Bombardier's world center for harness manufacture. Mexico is becoming the manufacture home for the Bombardier family."
Flavio Diaz Miron, Chief Representative for Mexico and Latin America, Bombardier

Gabriel Renero:

"An opportunity opens for local manufacturing industry to pass from primary assembly tasks to higher technology manufacture. Mexico is today a strategic site for the world Aerospace industry. The Government has taken convincing action to attract investment in the sector."
Gabriel Renero, Leading Partner for Manufacturing Industry, Deloitte Mexico

Lorenzo H. Zambrano:

"With Mexican engineers, low costs and the proximity to the U.S. market, Bombardier is developing the new LearJet in Queretaro. In addition, the Aerospace sector in Mexico posts a 20% annual growth. They export US$3.5 billion every year and the sector attracts global companies and creates local chains of supply. Mexico shows a growing capacity to participate in global industries with high value added and that is very good news."
Lorenzo H. Zambrano, CEO, Cemex

Mike Orris:

"Rolls-Royce is a global company and requires a globally competitive supply chain in order to effectively respond to the needs of our worldwide customer base. Our cooperation with State of Sonora will help us do that to achieve this important objective."
Mike Orris, Rolls Royce Chief Procurement Officer

Felipe Calderon:

"Mexico went from 12th to 6th rank as the most attractive destination for investment, according to United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in World Investment Prospects 2009-2011. As part of the modernization of the Mexican economy the Government has fostered clusters of excellence in vanguard and high technology industries, such as aerospace and IT."
Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico