On Mexico Issue 55

On Mexico Issue 55

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Bruno Ferrari:

"Mexico is set in a position as one of the best investment destinations in the world and during this Administration US$100 billion has been received. Even amidst the upheavals of the global economy, Mexico keeps on progressing and is undoubtedly on the right track for growth."
Bruno Ferrari, Minister of the Economy

Bill Chisholm:

"Mexico is very attractive for steel manufacturers, who may focus on manufacturing value added products and take advantage of this dynamic market. However, it is important to fight back imports with products made in Mexico. The steel market will be very attractive in the next 10 years. Mexico is importing high quality products to supply the automotive and manufacturing sectors."
Bill Chisholm, CEO, Arcelor Mittal Mexico

Colin Dodge:

"Mexico is among our favorites to consider as another new investment. It is a very good candidate and we firmly believe in Mexican operations because the company's performance there has been brilliant in the last few years. It is a very strong candidate."
Colin Dodge, President, Nissan Americas

Arturo Avila Anaya:

"In Mexico we find a strategic space for the company. In addition, we have full confidence in the country. The government's support and Aguascalientes privileged geographical location provide crucial elements to fully meet logistics requirements for IBN Aerospacial operations in the state."
Arturo Avila Anaya, President, IBN Aeroespacial

Guillermo Kelly:

"One of the main reasons why we are here is because we understand that the Mexican government encourages establishment of companies, provides tools and support and gives reassurance that investments will be prosperous. A good quality of life for workers and investment return to stockholders is also offered to the community."
Guillermo Kelly, Operations Senior VP, Pirelli

Takashi Yamanouchi:

"Ever since Mazda positioned its sales network in Mexico six years ago there has been outstanding acceptance by the people. We are very pleased to start the construction of this new plant here. It will be of the utmost importance as we reinforce our expansion in Central and South America and the initiative documents our commitment to Mexico."
Takashi Yamanouchi, President, Mazda

Felipe Calderon:

"Investments arriving in Mexico do not happen by chance, but are due to, among other things, the impulse given to the great comparative advantages Mexico has, as well as to the creation of a business environment for the establishment of leading companies in the automotive sector. We may feel very proud because we are the ninth manufacturer of vehicles globally and the sixth exporting power in the world ...and we are after more."
Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico

Paolo Rocca:

"We have long term growth projects and investment plans in Mexico. Techint's decision to hold a Board Directors Meeting in Mexico for the first time is proof of the confidence we have in Mexico, in its institutions and the wide business opportunities offered for the growth of our companies."
Paolo Rocca, President, Techint Group

Craig Donohue:

"One of Mexico's strengths is the stability of its regulations framework. This makes it reasonably easy for foreign investors to have access to the Mexican (capitals) market. In other places we face the risk of taxes and fiscal policies that make investing expensive. We believe in Mexico and its growth, as well as in the progress of the financial services sector."
Craig Donohue, CEO, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

Jean-Philippe Courtois:

"Great opportunities lay ahead for Mexico and we are therefore confident in the country's potential. It is a pleasure to announce that between today and November 2012, Microsoft is planning to make an additional investment of US$690 million in Mexico."
Jean-Philippe Courtois, President, Microsoft International

Hugo Santana:

"Mexico is experiencing significant growth in IT opportunities, including access to the right capabilities and resources, and we are building a stronger Mexican informatics community. It will be prepared to compete with global technological innovation. Therefore, now that we are celebrating our centenary in Mexico, we are investing in innovation, social responsibility and education."
Hugo Santana, President and General Manager, IBM Mexico and Central America

Carlos Slim:

"Any foreign company which does not invest in Mexico is losing a great opportunity; and companies already in Mexico which do not invest will fall behind. There are many positive conditions in Mexico--democracy, freedom, a sound economy and many opportunities arising in Information Technologies."
Carlos Slim, President, Telmex