On Mexico Issue 56

On Mexico Issue 56

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Sandy Flockhart:

"The benefits of investing in Mexico are plenty including its sound economy, qualified labor, privileged geographical location and investment in infrastructure. The largest investment we have ever made in Latin America was in Mexico. It is an excellent place to do business."
Sandy Flockhart, General Director for Europe, Asia and Latin America, HSBC

Andy Wu:

"Sonora has great potential in the development of the Aerospace Industry. Great results have been obtained from our plant in Guaymas, hence the interest to continue growing here in addition to strengthening our presence in Mexico."
Andy Wu, Vice-president, Global Development, Ducommun.

Makoto Hirose:

"We very much appreciate the support we have received from Governor Jose Calazada Rovirosa and the state and municipal authorities, paving the way for the quick installation of Neaton Auto Mexico. The plant inaugurated today in Queretaro is the eighth for this business group and the third in Mexico. This reaffirms the confidence industry has in Mexico."
Makoto Hirose, President, Nihon Plast Group

Pedro Chung:

"This investment reaffirms our confidence in Baja California to produce electronic products that are generating jobs for the state. It also reaffirms Samsung's continuity in Mexico- We will be investing thanks to the incentives granted by the government."
Pedro Chung, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Samsung Electronics

Marcos Forgiani:

"After consolidating our presence in the domestic market, we are now focusing on expanding our presence in other commercial vehicle segments. Mexico is the most important market for us in Latin America after Brazil. Nowhere else in Latin America do we have a network and products portfolio as we do in Mexico."
Marcos Forgiani, Member of the Board of Directors MAN Latin America

Luis Aguirre:

"We must keep on fostering and facilitating the development of the maquilador sector. This effort also involves multitask companies and productive sectors that depend on this industry. In addition to this taxes are paid and jobs generated, therefore the importance of offering fiscal benefits to companies through the IMMEX Program."
Luis Aguirre, Lang Chairman, CNIMME

Haruki Nagasaki:

"We are very pleased to celebrate our 15th anniversary here. Mexico has great strategic importance for its attractive trade agreements with other countries in North and South America. In addition, some Japanese automobiles assemblers have announced they are expanding their business in Mexico and therefore Panasonic's plant will be key for the success of the Automotive Industry in America."
Haruki Nagasaki, Member of Panasonic's Board of Directors in Japan

Christine Lagarde:

"Mexicans have harvested the fruit of having sound foundations, a sensible political framework and prudent macroeconomic policies, and now they are enjoying sustained growth with lower vulnerability. Mexico is about to take the helm of G-20 and it is therefore in an exceptional position to shape our collective economic destiny."
Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund

Bruno Ferrari:

"Mexico has consolidated its position as one of the best destinations for investment in the world. Progress is being made amidst all the upheavals of the global economy. Mexican industrialists have actively participated in our country's economic and social growth, because day after day they help with the generation of more and better jobs. "
Bruno Ferrari, Minister of the Economy

Adolfo Hegewisch:

"We will adapt our facilities in order to increase domestic sales and in the long run the second plant project will materialize. It is an indisputable fact that Mexico's geographical location is enviable, as is the development of the labor force and chain of supply. All this has encouraged may companies to transfer production or open plants in Mexico."
Adolfo Hegewisch, President and CEO, Toyota

Felipe Calderon:

"The soundness of publicfinance, unprecedented investment in infrastructure and the high quality of labor are all conditions that make Mexico a good destination for production and job generation. There is no other word to create employment in Mexico than the word 'investment'. We have everything to be the great country, the winning nation we are called to be, and we must set out to do it in every economic or social aspect...where Mexico has everything to win."
Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico

Michael R. Haverty:

"Mexico plays a key role in our projects due to the strategic connections it offers in order to have access to other markets and for the growth of several industries here. We want to position Mexico as a highly competitive country globally."
Michael R. Haverty, President, Kansas City Southern