On Mexico Issue 57

On Mexico Issue 57

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Whan-bok Cho:

"We came to Juarez because there is interest in investing in the maquilador branch with the installation of plants related to the electronic industry. Juarez has an excellent location to sell to the U.S., since the entire continent may be supplied from here."
Whan-bok Cho, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea

Carlos Ghosn:

"Mexico is a key driving force for Nissan Americas. The new Aguascalientes complex is an important pillar for a production strategy that assures achieving our goals for sales volume and share of the market in the Americas. With this goal in mind we will invest US$2 billion for a forecasted production of 175,000 vehicles and the generation of 3,000 direct jobs and around 9,000 indirect jobs."
Carlos Ghosn, CEO, Nissan Motor Company

Hikaru Sugi:

"To consolidate our manufacturing presence in Mexico we will install a new plant. Mexico is a growing market and this is an opportunity for us to strengthen our competitiveness and our position as global leaders in the manufacture and sale of thermal products."
Hikaru Sugi, President and CEO for the Americas, Denso International

Bruno Ferrari:

"Mexico is a reliable choice for foreign investment because it has important competitive advantages and for its geographical location, connecting to the main markets in the world. Mexico has a stable and growing economy. This arises from a policy of discipline and responsibility that translates into sound public finances."
Bruno Ferrari, Minister of the Economy

Luis Robles Miaja:

"Mexico is among the countries which are attractive for investment, especially for financial institutions, taking into consideration the current situation in Europe, especially Spain, in addition to that in the U.S. So there is no interest or reason why, to stop investing in countries like Mexico."
Luis Robles Miaja, Chairman, Mexico's Banks Association

Javier Garza Calderon:

"We have a huge interest in investing in the State of Veracruz in ports and airports, environment improvement, low-cost electric power generation, as well as in tourism developments. We will work on materializing investment projects in the short term in a state which has the right qualified human resources and plenty of natural resources."
Javier Garza Calderon, President, Domos Group

Carlos Guzman Bofill:

"Foreign investors trust the elections system and this provides with confidence to make long term investments, specifically for automotive, aerospace, logistics and electronics industries, because Mexico offers qualified professionals to meet production and product design requirements".
Carlos Guzman Bofill General Director, ProMexico

Akira Nakamura:

"Japanese companies keep their intention to bring capital to Mexico. Based on their confidence in the Mexican economy, they consider investing with enthusiasm and we share their view. In addition, Mexico offers significant advantages to Japanese companies in the economic, geographical and cultural areas".
Akira Nakamura, President, BTMU México Fund

Louise K Goeser:

"This year it will be 118 years since we first established in Mexico, where we have generated more than 7,000 jobs. The company will reinforce its expansion, as proof of the interest companies have on establishing here. Siemens starts the year with the right foot and confirms once again its confidence in Mexico and the great talent of its people".
Louise K Goeser, Chairwoman and CEO, Siemens Mesoamerica

Bill Cook:

"This investment is another step forward in our long history of collaboration with Mexico, showing our confidence in its people. We are very excited with our future in this new Factory and our Mexican employees, both, key components for our company's growth plans".
Bill Cook, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Donaldson Company

Monica de la Grange:

"The discipline in monetary policy and fiscal deficit control kept for 10 years now has greatly contributed to the high confidence there is to continue considering attractive investing in Mexico. A strong interest on Mexican bonds and equity securities prevails, because the local stock market has proved to be strong in front of the crisis in the European Union and the deceleration in the United States".
Monica de la Grange, Chief Economist for Private Banks, UBS Mexico

Felipe Calderon:

"Our country is on the right path and offers the best conditions for investment, which is not due to chance; it is achieved after a very careful analysis made by companies, which consider every condition: competitiveness, available infrastructure, quality of labor, background and brand loyalty at the places where they invest, so they choose Mexico to invest".
Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, President of Mexico