On Mexico Issue 58

On Mexico Issue 58

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Jim O'Neill:

"Mexico should be up on the radar in the next few years, because it will be one of the fastest growing economies. In the next decade, it will contribute even more than Russia and India to the global economy."
Jim O'Neill, Head of Investment Funds, Goldman Sachs

Juan Manuel Ferron:

"We are highly attractive because we have the right balance between inexpensive labor, even when not compared to China's. We have sufficient communications infrastructure and a very attractive domestic market, in addition to proximity to the American market."
Juan Manuel Ferron, Leading Partner in Consultancy, PWC

Chuck Jeannes:

"This year we allocated US$400 million in investment to equip our three gold mines in Mexico, thus giving impulse to exploration projects there. We're doing this because we don't find any factors that might cause us to doubt continuing with our projects. Our plans are for the long term and we will move ahead. We know that it is always best to grow at the sites we already know and Mexico is the second most important region for the corporation."
Chuck Jeannes, President and CEO for the Americas, Denso International

Jose Antonio Meade:

"The economic outlook for Mexico is more positive. It's a product of the combination of an improvement in the international arena, a more favorable situation in the domestic ground and good figures in the industrial sector. In addition to this to our economy has been balanced in spite of the global crisis."
Jose Antonio Meade, Minister of the Treasury

Marc Ventre:

"With this expansion, Labinal's plant in Chihuahua will become the largest of our plants. Safran has been working in Mexico for 20 years now, and it has proven to be the company in the Aeronautics industry with the highest number of jobs in Mexico. It has really consolidated our company's confidence in the labor of the people there."
Marc Ventre, CEO, Safran

Martin Senn:

"Mexico is in a privileged situation to grow economically, ready to develop and with perspectives that are enviable for several European countries. It has very sound bases and they have turned their eyes to other countries for trade. It has had vision."
Martin Senn, President and CEO, Zurich Insurance

Hans B√ľthker:

"Fokker will start operations in Mexico establishing in Chihuahua with an initial investment of US$15 million. Announcements like this one are proof that Mexico is consolidating its position as the Aerospace cluster of the future, due to its great labor and specialized workers."
Hans B√ľthker, President and Chief Operating Officer of Fokker Technologies

Luis Tellez:

"I would like to confirm that, unlike the last two years, this year there is a very solid optimism regarding Mexico. This is mainly due to consistent policies and, from a macroeconomic point of view, there is recognition for Mexico, which shows in the figures and intention of institutional investors to buy Mexican securities."
Luis Tellez, President, Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV)

Felipe Calderon Hinojosa:

"Mexico is today an economy that competes and which gains in the world. We have a dynamic industry, which is creating a position among the main markets of the world. In the last decade, Mexico became the largest receiver of Foreign Direct Investment by companies from the Aerospace industry to manufacture airplanes and helicopters. Today Mexico is a true export power."
Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, President of Mexico

Takanobu Ito:

"We are confident of the quality of Mexican labor and, taking into consideration the needs in the Mexican market, we have decided the Honda Fit will be the first product to be assembled here. With this new plant in Mexico, Honda continues making progress on its commitment to invest and grow in its operations there."
Takanobu Ito, President and CEO, Honda Motor Co., Ltd

Alan Mulally:

"Mexico was chosen as the destination for the US$3 billion investment announced by the Ford Motor Company. This was due to the fact that Mexico has had the highest quality and the highest productivity among all our operations in the world. This reaffirms the company's confidence to continue investing in Mexico."
Alan Mulally, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company

Richard Fisher:

"Strength in the macro economy and fiscal discipline shown by the Mexican economy are significant attributes the U.S. economy should copy. One of the things the United States should closely observe and learn from what is happening in Mexico is the way fiscal discipline is maintained, in addition to a carefully balanced deficit and controlled debt."
Richard Fisher, President, Dallas Federal Reserve