On Mexico Issue 59

On Mexico Issue 59

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Luis Ricardo Rodriguez:

"Unlike other countries, in Mexico the gap between the cost of basic labor and qualified labor is rather small. Therefore, high quality sophisticated manufactures are affordable, while in other countries it is very expensive."
Luis Ricardo Rodriguez, Partner, Business Location and Expansion, KPMG

Jose Angel Gurria:

"Mexico does not have debt problems. As a matter of fact, it is one of the countries with the most manageable debt profiles anywhere. It is comfortable as far as total amount is concerned and also as regards to the GDP, in addition to payment terms and agreement conditions."
Jose Angel Gurria, General Secretary, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Marco Tronchetti Provera:

"Opening a new factory in Mexico is an important step ahead in an our international development plan. This is a country which offers excellent opportunities both for the positive dynamics of domestic demand and its strategic location."
Marco Tronchetti Provera, President and CEO, Pirelli

Joe Kaeser:

"Mexico is one of the more competitive countries to do business in the world. It is good that it is inexpensive, but it is a lot better that it is economically competitive, innovating, and providing for excellent manufacturing. This is an opportunity and it has all the cards to be at the same level as China--it has its people, it has leadership."
Joe Kaeser, Chief Financial Officer, Siemens

Judith Macgregor:

"European companies will take advantage of Mexico's macroeconomic position and the expansion of companies established there. When facing Europe's economic deceleration, Mexico remains an attractive investment for British companies."
Judith Macgregor, United Kingdom Ambassador to Mexico

Kenny Lee:

"After careful consideration Tijuana was chosen due to the great signi ficance of our experience, strong support from both companies and government officers. We announced a US$131 million investment in this new aluminum plant. The project that will start next July and generate 300 new jobs."
Kenny Lee, CEO, Hyundai

Felipe Calderon Hinojosa:

"Mexico is one of the most attractive countries for foreign investment. It is a role model among countries that are members of the OECD. The country is second this year in the growth of the economy, after Chile. According to forecasts, by midcentury it will be the fifth or sixth economy in the world."
Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, President of Mexico

Leopoldo Orellana:

"Mexico has become a natural investment destination for the Automotive Industry, where Japanese firms have striven to control a market that has traditionally been in the hands of Detroit's Big Three. We are already the fifth in vehicles export and we're the industrys eighth producer in the world. But with the new investments recently announced, Mexico is heading towards becoming a universal leader in this industry."
Leopoldo Orellana, President, Mazda Mexico

Jose Antonio:

"Mexico's preparedness for a possible economic shock caused by turmoil in Europe is the "certainty" offered by financially viable economics, balanced growth and controlled inflation. We have a country in which exports are growing and diversifying, where consumption and investment progress and inflation is under control."
Jose Antonio, Meade Minister of Finance

Rene Schlegel:

"This investment is proof of our confidence in Mexico. The future of the Mexican market is still very attractive and important for Bosch, mainly in manufacturing, technological development and services. We know that there is uncertainty regarding the global economy and this could affect expansion and the domestic economy. However, we are confident that Bosch Mexico will keep its steady growth."
Rene Schlegel, President, Robert Bosch

Neil Bentley:

"This timely visit by the Prime Minister is evidence that British companies are committed to strengthening their links with Mexico. This is because Mexco is a key trade partner for the United Kingdom and also due to its growing economy and flourishing middle class. "
Neil Bentley, Deputy Director General, CBI

Gerhard Gross:

"The lack of safety prevailing in Mexico is a factor that influences less than you can imagine on a Corporation's decisions. If you marry a country, as we have done, you should be there for better or for worse. Damiler Trucks has taken good advantage of its presence in Mexico. Therefore, before the year is over we will be announcing investment in a new plant."
Gerhard Gross, President and CEO for Daimler Trucks in Mexico.