On Mexico Issue 60

On Mexico Issue 60

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Scott Paradise:

"Operations expansion by MAGNA in Coahuila is due to the big advantages being offered by the state, which allow for strengthening our competitiveness. We will continue investing in countries like Mexico, provided they keep offering their great support."
Scott Paradise, Vice-president, Marketing and Business Development, MAGNA, America

Eduardo Covarrubias:

"We have seen that Mexico's image for investment is very positive because there are always results. Even if the image we 'export' abroad is rather loaded with a lack of security, as an investment destination we have a very good rating as a land suitable to make business and invest in several types of platforms."
Eduardo Covarrubias, Executive with The Probitas Group

John Rice:

"For the first time GE is putting its money into the development of this type of aviation system outside the United Kingdom and we chose Mexico to do it. We are very proud of our teams here because they help us compete globally."
John Rice, Vice-president and CEO of GE Global Growth and Operations

Felipe Calderon Hinojosa:

"Mexico is globally recognized as a solid stable economy, posting growth and generating employment. The proof of this is that in the last decade we have consolidated our position as the main destination for investment in the world by the Aerospace industry, which is so complex and difficult."
Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, President of Mexico

Ruben Medina Gonzalez:

"Mexico has great potential and the proof of this is that there are more than one hundred ports. The Ports history has shown that we have been solvent enough to grow, to fulfill the mission of developing the main tasks, such as infrastructure and also attracting investments, especially by the private sector."
Ruben Medina Gonzalez, CEO, Integral Port Administration, Lazaro Cardenas Port

Jose Luis Valls:

"This new manufacturing complex in Aguascalientes represents the most ambitious investment ever announced by a company, from any sector, in Mexico's recent history. This reaffirms our commitment to work and collaborate with Mexico and with the world."
Jose Luis Valls, President and CEO, Nissan Mexicana

Rupert Stadler:

"This year we will decide where the new vans assembly plant will be installed in Mexico; it will be up and working by 2016. Good infrastructure, competitive costs and existing trade agreements played a significant role in choosing Mexico."
Rupert Stadler, CEO, Audi

Agustin Carstens:

"Acting in a congruent way –we have acted prudently– makes Mexico's macro-economy stand out for its strength and allows us to face quite adverse external environments. Mexico has observed a very prudent attitude for several years now, and if we look at the list of problems being faced by developed countries we may observe that Mexico does not have any of the problems on that list."
Agustin Carstens, Banco de Mexico, Governor

Jose Antonio Meade:

"The Mexican economy keeps on showing vigorous behavior and there is very good resulting data. This is because consumption and investment are growing, supported by a sound increase in available credit and good job generation. The international environment is undoubtedly complicated and there are still some deceleration elements in the U.S. economy, but we keep thinking that a 3.5% growth forecast will be reached, practically with full certainty."
Jose Antonio Meade, Minister of the Treasury

Francisco Garzon:

"In the last few months we have observed a large number of Spanish companies interested in Mexico for both foreign trade and investment. Mexico is on top of their list now more than ever because the companies have finally realized that they must go abroad. And it is so much the better when going to a country with juridical certainty and close cultural relations, such as Mexico."
Francisco Garzon, Head of Spain's Economy and Trade Office in Mexico

Ernesto M. Hernandez:

"General Motors keeps on believing in Mexico. We have been pioneers when investing in the states of Mexico, Coahuila, Guanajuato and recently San Luis Potosi. In 2012 we are a company that generates more than 14,000 direct jobs and almost 100,000 indirect jobs, and the figures just keep on growing, therefore contributing to Mexico's economic development."
Ernesto M. Hernandez, Deputy Director General, CBI

Francesco Starace:

"This is the company's first step on Aeolian technology in Mexico. By starting activities in these new facilities, EGP has reinforced its presence in the promising Mexican market of renewable energy. This is the place where the Group has had presence in the hydroelectric sector since 2007."
Francesco Starace, Chairman, Enel Green Power