On Mexico Issue 61

On Mexico Issue 61

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Carlos Guzman Bofill:

"Mexico should take advantage of its financial stability to provide domestic companies with a leadership position in European markets. Our country is experiencing one of its best economic moments ever which represents a good opportunity to increase exports to the European Union. Mexico is about to start an era of positive demographic bonus, which provides a good opportunity for businesses."
Carlos Guzman Bofill, General Director, ProMexico

Gerardo Gutierrez Candiani:

"Mexico faces the challenge to raise the quality of investments, both public and private, because productivity here has been poorer than in other countries like Peru, China, Chile, Brazil and Colombia. Mexico is an under-invested country, taking into consideration both needs and potential, which explains to a great extent insuffi cient growth."
Gerardo Gutierrez Candiani, Chairman, Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE)

Agustin Carstens:

"Mexico has not escaped, nor will it escape, from the effects of the crisis in Europe. The crisis has been transmitted through world trade and financial volatility. Also, it has caused an important setback in the dynamism of the U.S.--our main trade partner."
Agustin Carstens, Governor, Banco de Mexico

Enrique Pe├▒a Nieto:

"Mexico can no longer postpone the successful experience of other countries, and it is now time for Mexico to undertake the same thing. It seems to me that we are postponing benefits for all Mexicans by holding to ideological paradigms or resistance when claiming such principles."
Enrique Pe├▒a Nieto, President Elect of Mexico, regarding his plans to open Pemex to private capital

Emilio Gamboa Patron:

"There are many pending issues, but I think that Mexico is now standing before a great opportunity to continue improving our current situation. Mexican society is tired of promises from Congress, so we now have the obligation to do our share and I am positive that's what we will do."
Emilio Gamboa Patron, Coordinator of the PRI Senators

Inge Thulin:

"Based on my 8-year experience leading 3M's fi nancial operations, I may say that the company has always done well in Mexico and its growth has even sped up in the last two years. This is something that I consider very encouraging."
Inge Thulin, Global CEO, 3M

Ahmed Acet:

"Turkish and Mexican investors both have the same intention to find synergies between their respective economies, which are of the manufacturing type. There are many opportunities to take advantage of in the automotive, textile and electronics sectors. For example, we have a great development potential because we are both emerging economies and we are the driving force for world trade now that other countries are in recession. As partners we can do a lot more, but a legal framework must be ensured to properly protect us."
Ahmed Acet, Turkey's Ambassador to Mexico

Felipe Calderon:

"Mexico means an opportunity for companies, because the economy is being transformed to be more competitive and it is growing and generating jobs. Mexican international reserves, for instance, are at a very good level and may currently pay more than twice our total foreign debt."
Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico

Barack Obama:

"'Unprecedented' cooperation with Mexico to fight against the drug traffic will continue after Enrique Pe├▒a Nieto is sworn in as President this December. Our cooperation with Mexico in dealing with the transnational drug trade we will continue to build on that with the new administration."
Barack Obama, President of the United States

Carlos Slim Domit:

"Mexico has economic soundness and its young population will allow starting a continuous stage of development that will develop for many years if there are clear, well-focused objectives. These objectives include being able to enter a continuous and consistent stage of infrastructure development in almost every modality and in every capacity, and most importantly, translating all these variables into more and better opportunities for everybody."
Carlos Slim Domit, Co-President Carso Group and Chairman of the Board, Telmex

Claudio X. Gonzalez:

"No one may be against democracy and transparency, but we should not forget that there are very good things in the Bill that will precisely help us become more competitive and generate more jobs. We are moving forward and sometimes we must take a step back to keep on pursuing perfection."
Claudio X. Gonzalez, Chairman, Mexican Businessmen Council

Evan Greenberg:

"We are extremely well-positioned to take advantage of the many growth opportunities that we believe will arise in Mexico in the next decade and beyond."
Evan Greenberg, Executive President, ACE, Ltd.