On Mexico Issue 63

On Mexico Issue 63

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Enrique Peña Nieto:

"The purpose of my Administration is to expand expectations and undertake actions that make the world see a window of opportunity for company growth in Mexico. But growth that provides for the generation of more jobs and most of all, better paid employment, through better qualified, better trained jobs."
Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico

Lutz Bertling:

"Eurocopter estimates an investment of US$550 million in Mexico, of which US$100 million have already been invested in the construction of the High Technology Aeronautic Components Production Center. The remaining resources will be invested in 2014, but this depends on our business in coming months."
Lutz Bertling, President, Eurocopter

Carlos Slim:

"We think that with the efforts made we may enter into a new stage of accelerated development of research in Mexico."
Carlos Slim, Honorary Life President, Carso Group, during the inauguration of the CIMMYT Bioscience Complex in Texcoco

Enrique Martinez y Martinez:

"Only 58% of consumption in Mexico is produced here, but we're 'doing what we have to do'. Within six years it will be possible to produce 75% of all food required by Mexicans, and that is the goal set by the FAO."
Enrique Martinez y Martinez, Minister of Agriculture

Mario Beauregard:

"In 2013, Petroleos Mexicanos will invest US$25.3 billion. From this amount, 79% will be allocated to exploration and production activities, 17% will go to refining, 2% for gas and basic petrochemicals and 2% is allocated to petrochemicals."
Mario Beauregard, Chief Corporate Finance Officer, Pemex

Agustin Carstens:

"Domestic economic growth could be limited in 2013 as a consequence of external factors, such as the crises faced by Europe, the U.S. and Japan. Since 2008 we have been experiencing the deepest ever crisis in the world--for at least in the last 80 years--and this factor keeps on taking its toll on Mexico's growth and practically the same on every other country in the world."
Agustin Carstens, Governor of Mexico's Central Bank, Banco de Mexico (Banxico)

Gustavo Madero:

"The bill on telecommunications to be sent by the Executive to the Congress as part of the Pact for Mexico is not ready yet. This reform should have been ready last December, and we are therefore concerned for the delay. We are going to give it our full attention so that it is submitted as soon as possible."
Gustavo Madero, National Leader, PAN Political Party

Cesar Camacho Quiroz:

"Amending the by-laws of the PRI Political Party to allow private investment in Pemex does not mean that the stateowned company will stop belonging to Mexicans. Quite the contrary, being Mexican shall prevail in Pemex."
Cesar Camacho Quiroz, Chairman, National Executive Committee, PRI

Juan Diaz de la Torre:

"The decision made by the National Education Workers Union, Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educacion (SNTE), was made to preserve the organization and its legal character. This was done in order to protect this essential instrument to serve teachers, to serve Mexico and to serve our students."
Juan Diaz de la Torre, in his first message as President and General Secretary of SNTE after announcing Education Reform will be endorsed.

Carlos Gonzalez:

"The combination of sound public finances and reforms package being undertaken by the new Administration will make Mexico one of the most attractive emerging economies anywhere. Mexico's advantages include an envious demographic window and carefully controlled inflation."
Carlos Gonzalez, Director, Stock-Exchange Analysis and Strategy, Monex

Raul Gutierrez Muguerza:

"The Institute for Industrial Development and Economic Growth, has been created to directly participate in the design of Mexico's new industrial policy and also to accomplish a change in the country's economic model. The Institute arises from the joint effort of businessmen and academicians committed to the industrialization and defense of Mexico's productive plant."
Raul Gutierrez Muguerza, President, IDIC

Thomas Loren Friedman:

"Mexico has greatly increased the number of engineers and skilled laborers graduating from its schools. Put all that together with massive cheap natural gas finds, and rising wage and transportation costs in China, and it is no surprise that Mexico now is taking manufacturing market share back from Asia and attracting more global investment than ever."
Thomas Loren Friedman, NY Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning author