On Mexico Issue 64

On Mexico Issue 64

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Alvaro Fernandez Garza:

"Industry has entered into an investments cancellation process due to the high prices of natural gas in Mexico and the uncertain availability here. Remove "maybe" from the equation, but it is still not something they might do. Investment projects are being cancelled and that's a fact."
Alvaro Fernandez Garza, Chairman, Caintra Nuevo Leon

Juan Diaz de la Torre:

"It is always best to have communication and sound dialogue. This is because a strong, unified Workers Union with dialogue capacity is a much more effective way to help the Government's public policies prosper. However, we do not mean to invade that area and we will also be respectful of the union organizations' autonomy."
Juan Diaz de la Torre, Leader, SNTE

Enrique Peña Nieto:

"I want to confirm and ratify here and now Mexico's commitment to support the creation of a Projects Management Unit by the Association of Caribbean Sates. This needs to be done in order to find economic support for infrastructure projects that will help carry out and materialize these projects."
Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico, upon participating in the Association of Caribbean States' Fifth Summit

Kiyoshi Tsuru:

"Mexico is on the right path to a sound market for the development of the IT industry. This will trigger innovation and strengthen companies' competitiveness. The recent closures made by IMPI of companies that refuse software inspections as authorized are proof of IMPI's stronger actions, carried out in accord with the powers granted."
Kiyoshi Tsuru, CEO, BSA Mexico

Agustín Carstens:

"What we need first is being strong, to keep on reinforcing our macroeconomic position so that not only due to the difference in rates of interest, but also due to Mexico's economic outlook, capitals are willing to stay in Mexico."
Agustín Carstens, Governor of Mexico's Central Bank, Banco de Mexico

Jorge Suarez Navarro:

"The need of small and medium companies (SMC's) to establish at facilities providing them with certainty has caused industrial park developers to start serving this sector. The current trend is to build industrial parks focused on SMCs developed by local investors."
Jorge Suarez Navarro, Chairman, State of Jalisco Industrial Parks Association (Asociacion de Parques Industriales del Estado de Jalisco (APIEJ))

Jose Miguel Vivanco:

"House arrest infringes on some of the most essential principles in Mexico's Constitution. The only way to ensure efficient and professional investigations and to counteract negligence and abuses fostered by the preventive prison modality is to completely eliminate house arrest from the Constitution."
Jose Miguel Vivanco, Director for the Americas, Human Rights Watch

Francisco Suarez Davila:

"Canadians started requiring a visa from Mexicans during the first stage of Minister Stephen Harper's Administration. He is the one who privileged domestic over international policies, something that is changing. There is now the intention of eliminating visa requirements from Mexicans going to Canada. We should continue to work on this and we have to do something ourselves as well."
Francisco Suarez Davila, New Mexico's Ambassador to Canada

Jose Antonio Alvarez:

"The Santander Bank's profit in Mexico during the first quarter amounted to US$417 million. This is a record figure representing 13% of the group's total profit in the world and compares to US$397 million over the same term last year."
Jose Antonio Alvarez, Chief Financial Officer, Santander Group

Arturo Sarukhan:

"NAFTA is a 1.0 trade agreement and TPP is a 3.0 trade agreement. TPP's beauty lies in the fact that Mexico, Canada and the United States are undertaking new standards in regard to the environment, labor and intellectual property rights. All this will raise NAFTA to a position it did not have when it was being negotiated."
Arturo Sarukhan, Mexico's former Ambassador in Washington

Fernando Gurrola:

"We are shoulder to shoulder with the Mexican State to help Mexico move ahead faster. Transforming our country may not be achieved by the Government if it is not supported by the business sector. Mexico should hurry in adopting technologies and enhancing Internet penetration to consolidate itself as a more competitive market with the largest possible inclusion of society into information."
Fernando Gurrola, President, IDIC

Vladimiro de la Mora:

"We are well aware that if the Energy Reform proposed by the Federal Government is approved in the upcoming months and there is high investment in petroleum in Mexico, General Electric will have to speed-up recruitment of engineers."
Vladimiro de la Mora, CEO, GE's Advanced Engineering Center in Queretaro (GE IQ)