On Mexico Issue 65

On Mexico Issue 65

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Ildefonso Guajardo:

"Economic deceleration posted in the first half of the year will be reversed in the second semester of 2013, especially in the industrial field, and a rising growth rate that provides a basis for faster progress in coming years will be consolidated."
Ildefonso Guajardo, Minister of the Economy

Carlos Capistran:

"Low productivity in Mexico is the first obstacle for a better growth trend. A common denominator among the bills sent to date to the Congress is that they all foster productivity. This is an important factor for a constructive vision of Mexico's potential."
Carlos Capistran, Chief Economist for Mexico with the Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML)

Claudio Gonzalez:

"The North America region has the capacity to be highly competitive, if we just analyze geographic, demographic, energetic, capital and innovation factors. There is no other zone in the world that comes even near, but at the same time we must get closer to tune-up our capacity to grow and generate jobs."
Claudio Gonzalez, President, Kimberly Clark and representative of Mexican businessmen in the recently held dialogue for top business executive between Mexico and the U.S.

Pedro Joaquin Coldwell:

"There is no capacity to reach the zones hit hardest and stricken by the gas shortage because construction of pipelines was never fostered and for most of all there is no openness to private investment. We will still have to deal with this problem, but we estimate that by the second half of this Administration we will have abundant gas in Mexico."
Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, Minister of Energy

Gerardo Gutierrez Candiani:

"It's time to overcome the myth of nationalism linked to a petroleum monopoly stagnated by restrictions that really suffocate it. All this may leave Mexico out of the greatest revolution experienced by the energy sector in the last 100 years."
Gerardo Gutierrez Candiani, Chairman of Mexico's Entrepreneurs Coordinating Council

Lorenzo Cordova:

"If there is anything behind this discussion to nationalize elections, it is not just criticism of the IFE, but criticism of the election systems in the various states of the Republic. Creating a National Elections Institute would mean a substantial change not only in institutions, but in the homologation of law because it would be very complex for a national organization to operate with 33 different laws."
Lorenzo Cordova, Counselor in the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE)

Francisco de Rosenzweig:

"To exploit markets other than North America, Mexico is working on diversifying exports through treaties such as the Transpacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP) and the Pacific Alliance. There is great potential for trade between Asia and Latin America, taking into consideration that currently 86% of Mexican shipments have the U.S. or Canada as a destination."
Francisco de Rosenzweig, Deputy Secretary of Foreign Trade with the Ministry of the Economy

Per Gabell:

"It is great that the company has a Mexican chief who is perfectly familiar with its needs, as well as those of our customers. All this in addition to having an excellent relationship with our headquarters in Sweden. This will certainly provide for a smooth transition and excellent continuity in our strategy for the future."
Per Gabell, Former President of Volvo in Mexico upon announcing his substitute, Rafael Kisel

Rodrigo Alpizar Vallejo:

"In spite of the disadvantages Mexico has had from countries that have stood in favor of unfair competition in foreign trade, such as the Asian countries, Mexico does have the opportunity to raise non-tariff barriers and avoid the depredation of the Mexican industry."
Rodrigo Alpizar Vallejo, Chairman of the Mexican Chamber of Processing Industry, (Canacintra), regarding the proposal to draft official standards for TPP.

Minoru Usui:

"We are interested in approaching leading Epson subsidiaries around the world. Mexico is an important market, both regionally and globally, due to the outstanding growth it has experienced. It is always very interesting to see how consumers behave, and how our collaborators and partners make all that growth possible."
Minoru Usui, CEO, Epson

Justin Woodward:

"Establishing our company in Mexico is a key part of our corporate strategy to develop business internationally. We anticipate an extraordinary growth potential for Mexico, especially when taking into consideration its high levels of irradiance and the growing cost of energy."
Justin Woodward, Executive Vicepresident, JCM Capital

Ricardo Haneine:

"In spite of the blow suffered by Foreign Direct Investment in 2012, this year Mexico is the ninth most attractive economy for foreign capital. The improvement in this year's position is explained by expectations from the change of Government. There is greater optimism in the global investors community, but greater caution as well."
Ricardo Haneine, Partner and CEO, at Kearney Mexico