On Mexico Issue 81

On Mexico Issue 81

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María Eugenia Escobedo:

"Electric mobility is an important step for the automobile industry and with these alliance signed between BMW Mexico and Nissan Mexico, this will strengthen their commitment in the country, in terms of environmental benefits. This means that they can now advance towards what the future should be”. María Eugenia Escobedo, director of sales of BMW México


Fernando Aportela:

"The $US400 million investment commitment represents about 15 percent of everything that has been done in the last 15 years. This reflects the public policy of the federal government to address the Mexican countryside”. Fernando Aportela, Mexico’s Undersecretary of Finance


Andy Bose:

“The integrity of the methodology that underpins our assessment processes allows the most important energy markets of the world to rely on Platts reference prices, what explains the decision of Mexico to partner with Platts at this crucial moment of development of their privatized markets”. Andy Bose, General Manager of Oil for Platts


Raul Urteaga:

"Food and drinks industries are one of the main strengths of Mexico, for instance, in 2014, our exports of pork to Japan (one of the TPP nations) reached $US380 million. In fact, it was the number one export to that country over auto parts and cars". Raul Urteaga, General Coordinator of International Affairs for SAGARPA


Jeh Johnson:

"The security relationship of law enforcement has never been better between Mexico and the United States. This shows the importance of our relationship and reflects the growing relationship that we have between our two countries". Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security for the United States


Jaime Guardiola:

“We know and are aware of Mexico’s economy being a very attractive one, with great potential in Latin America. The achievements in the country today are not the product of one person, but the result of collective effort that has enabled the country to get to where it is right now, and this also offers Mexico a promising future". Jaime Guardiola, Chief Executive Officer at Banco de Sabadell

Mariano Vazquez:

“We’ve observed that there is a rising opportunity: leverage with local manufacturers around the country and target those places where the technology is currently unreachable. It’s a win-win situation both for Microsoft, since they gain market in the nation, and Mexican producers increase their productivity and employment rates overall”. Mariano Vazquez, Manager of Local Manufacturers of Microsoft Mexico

Gerardo Kanahuati:

"Some speak of a necessity of approximately half a million professionals who will be needed for firms, which is - believe it or not - the size of the scarcity of talent there may be. There is much opportunity for growth in the country, and according to the expert; there are four major industries that will become the future of employment in Mexico: energy, telecommunications, medical and aerospace”. Gerardo Kanahuati, CEO of Hays Mexico

Enrique Peña Nieto:

"The United States and Mexico have sent a clear signal to the world: we both desire a future of security and prosperity built with bridges that bring companies, not walls that divide. And we also share a common goal--to make America the most competitive anywhere while bringing greater prosperity to our societies". Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico


Nadia Alvares:

“The University of Arizona signed an agreement with Mexico in order for more Mexicans to study or conduct field research in Tucson. We are very fortunate to be so close to Mexico, because this way it is easier for them to encourage partnerships of the sort. It will help students study at a university with advanced technology, and that will help them to gain more opportunities in the future”. Nadia Alvares, Director of the Office of Collaborative Initiatives with Latin America (OLAPI)

Luis Videgaray:

“Mexico will continue on the path of the fiscal discipline, the consistency on its macroeconomic policies to inspire and maintain the trust of the investments that reach Mexico. It will also continue with full, comprehensive and accelerated implementation of structural reforms that now days open up a great opportunity". Luis Videgaray, Head of the Ministry of Finance


Enrique Gonzalez Haas:

"Of the 17.3 million dollars that Schneider Electric will invest in Mexico, it will be distributed in improvements in facilities, service areas and productivity of its 12 plants in the country, as well as its innovation center located in Monterrey, Nuevo León". Enrique Gonzalez Haas, President and CEO of Schneider Electric Mexico