OXXO and Scania test electric truck

OXXO and Scania test electric truck

ESCOBEDO, NL - Following FEMSA's sustainable mobility strategy, and seeking to meet the objectives that contribute to the care of the environment through the use of less polluting energies, OXXO and Scania Mexico created an alliance to start a test using an electric truck that will be part of the fleet of the Distribution Center in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon.

Scania's 100% electric unit is in development and testing phase, with a view to consolidate in the medium term to have an entire electrified fleet, promoting the use of electric trucks in other companies or industries.

"We are proud to be pioneers in this type of projects that aim to create more environmentally friendly environments, promoting sustainable mobility. In the next three months, together with Scania, we will continue with the evaluation of the vehicle's autonomy, load capacity, operation and service, in order to be more efficient in our service," explained Jorge Espinoza, OXXO's Manager of Planning and Operational Excellence.

The use of this unit will benefit in the reduction of more than one thousand liters of diesel consumption and will avoid the emission of 3 tons of CO2 that conventional units produce monthly.

The tests carried out with this Scania unit will help OXXO to define the next steps and make improvements in the sustainable mobility strategy, promoting a culture of environmental care with the use of innovative technology in its processes.

In terms of technical specifications, the electric unit has 9 batteries, reaches a maximum speed of 80 km/h, has a range of 250 km and its charging time is 6 hours.

In addition, it has an intelligent cooling system of the Carrier brand of easy handling, 100% electric, which includes a battery pack with autonomy of up to 9 hours.