Pemex, among the most polluting oil companies in the world

Pemex, among the most polluting oil companies in the world

MEXICO - Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and seven other Latin American oil companies, including Brazil's Petrobras, are among the companies that have contributed the most to global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, according to an analysis by the InfluenceMap think tank.

According to this center, 80% of emissions since the Paris Agreement (2016) until 2022 were linked to 57 fossil fuel and cement producers, and it also finds that 88% of emissions are linked to a total of 117 producers.

Topping the list of the most polluting companies is the oil company Saudi Aramco, with 4.8% of total global emissions, followed by Russia's Gazprom, with 3.3%, the state-owned coal giant Coal India, with 3%, and the also state-owned National Iranian Oil Company, with 2.8%.

Pemex, with 1.0% of emissions, is in twelfth place on the list; Brazil's Petrobras, with 0.8%, in 19th place; Petróleos de Venezuela, with 0.6%, in 21st place; and Colombia's Ecopetrol, with 0.3%, in 59th place.

Further down are Respol, in 50th place, with 0.2% of global emissions; Ecuador's PetroEcuador, with 0.2%, in 75th place; Argentina's YPF, with the same percentage and in 77th place; and Mexico's cement company Cemex, with 0.1%, in 105th place.

InfluenceMap recalls that more than 72% of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and cement since the Industrial Revolution can be traced in the database known as Carbon Majors.

The report released today uses this Carbon Majors file to quantify the contribution of the largest oil, gas, coal and cement producers to global carbon emissions, the main driver of climate change.