PepsiCo Mexico receives recognition for its electric fleet

PepsiCo Mexico receives recognition for its electric fleet

MEXICO - The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) has honored PepsiCo Mexico with the prestigious "Clean Transportation" program recognition for the ninth consecutive year. This award reflects the company's firm commitment to reducing polluting emissions and its constant search for more sustainable practices.

The 'Clean Transportation' program focuses on promoting more environmentally friendly freight transportation, seeking to reduce fuel consumption, operating costs, polluting emissions, and the country's carbon footprint. Thanks to initiatives such as this one, by the year 2022 the emission of 3.3 million tons of CO2 will be avoided.

Roberto Martínez, President of PepsiCo Mexico, said that this recognition reinforces their commitment to sustainability and encourages them to continue working on ambitious goals, such as reducing their CO2 emissions by 75% in the next six years.

In line with its 'PepsiCo Positive' (pep+) vision, the company seeks to generate a positive impact on people and the planet through concrete and measurable actions. A recent example is the renewal of its vehicle fleet in Mexico, which includes the incorporation of the first electric tractor-trailer in Latin America.

By 2024, PepsiCo Mexico plans to increase the number of electric tractor-trailers and add a significant number of delivery units powered by this technology.

Since mid-2023, the company has integrated more than 320 electric vehicles into its fleet, mainly for product distribution in the Valley of Mexico. This move demonstrates PepsiCo Mexico's tangible commitment to adopting cleaner and more efficient mobility solutions.