Pet food manufacturer Neovia builds two new plants in Mexico

French firm Neovia, manufacturer of food for fish, bees, cattle and pets, announced investment plans for Mexico valued at US$ 28.6 million to build two production plants in the States of Mexico and Veracruz.

The President of Neovia, Jorge Martinez, told to El Economista that with these new investment projects the company will have 10 production plants in Mexico, with an estimated production of 900,000 tons for this year, out of the 30 million tons of balanced food that are produced each year in this Country.

The plant from Texcoco, State of Mexico, which had a US$ 12.4 million investment and that shall replace the Vallejo plant, will be inaugurated this upcoming September 27 and is expected to create 220 direct jobs.

Mr. Martinez said that the construction of plant number 10, in the State of Veracruz, shall also start soon, with a US$ 16.2 million investment. It is going to be a completely automated factory, and it is expected to start operations in early 2018, with nearly 150 employees.