Phoenix Contact to invest 60 million euros in Querétaro

Phoenix Contact to invest 60 million euros in Querétaro

GERMANY - A new wave of investment arrives in the state of Queretaro with the announcement of Phoenix Contact. The German company will allocate more than 60 million euros for the construction of a plant dedicated to the manufacture of connectors, cables and sensors.

The announcement was made during Queretaro's presence at the Hannover Messe Fair in Germany, where the State Government revealed the details of this investment. In this sense, it was announced that this company is expected to generate at least 700 new jobs in the state and the region.

According to Phoenix Contact executives, this investment represents one of the most important that the German company will make during the year 2024.

The company is recognized worldwide for its leadership in connection technologies, handling and conversion of digital and analog signals. In addition, for its specialization in the automation of processes and manufacturing lines.

In addition, Phoenix Contact stands out for its commitment to innovation and sustainable development, working to create products and solutions that contribute to a more environmentally friendly and climate-neutral world.

The Government of the State of Querétaro highlighted the importance of the investment by Phoenix Contact as it is a testimony of trust. Governor Mauricio Kuri assured that the state has become an attractive destination for foreign companies, thus promoting the economic and technological development of the area.

In particular, he highlighted Phoenix Contact's role in the field of energy and electricity development, underlining its relevance within the industry and its potential to contribute to both local and global progress.