Pizza Hut inaugurates new plant in Querétaro

Pizza Hut inaugurates new plant in Querétaro

COLON, QRO – The fast food chain, Pizza Hut, inaugurated its new plant in Querétaro, which represented an investment of US$7.5 million and will generate 150 direct jobs in the food sector.

The CEO of Food Delivery Brands Mexico, Juan Luis Bueno, highlighted that the company has been present in Mexico for 50 years and celebrates its anniversary with the inauguration of a new plant in Querétaro, which will be distinguished by the use of technology in the optimization of delivery capabilities and sales channels, as well as sustainability.

"We have chosen Querétaro as a platform for the development of our brand in Mexico. Among other aspects, because of its geographic location and the impulse of the local authorities, which have given us in addition to transportation, logistics and road infrastructure, commercial and cultural growth, and above all, its great technological progress," Bueno said.

The company's representative highlighted that the brand aims to invest more than US$30 million in Mexico and turn Querétaro into the company's hub, since the corporate offices, a center of excellence in training and qualification, as well as the Development and Innovation Center will be located in the state.

He also assured that, in the first phase, close to 14 million kilograms of dough will be produced, which translates into 31 million pizzas. The seven thousand square meter plant is located in the KAIZEN Industrial Park in the municipality of Colón, which will supply raw materials to its business network throughout Mexico, and in the short term to Latin America and the Caribbean.