Planning a new industrial park in Coahuila

GEVI Developers will soon start building a 42 hectare industrial park in the Derramadero area, in Southern Saltillo, Coahuila. There are also ongoing negotiations to complete the arrival of another new company. German Villarreal, executive of the firm, refused to comment about it due to confidentiality concerns, but he said that he will soon be in conditions to share more details about the investment, and the automotive company that will be installed in the complex. There are several industrial buildings belonging to Daimler Trucks and Chrysler, located in Derramadero, while some of their suppliers are in locations such as the Alianza Industrial Park, which will receive a new company within the next days, according to industrial sources. This is not another supplier for Daimler Trucks, like all the companies that are operating here up to now, but this time it is something completely different, and 50 direct jobs will be created by this new enterprise.