Pre-investment studies in Santa Lucia will begin in February

Pre-investment studies in Santa Lucia will begin in February

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In February, pre-investment studies would begin for the construction of the new airport in Santa Lucía, which will have simultaneous operations between Toluca and Aeropuerto Internacional de Cuidad de México (AICM) and its land connectivity with the latter.

This, with the authorization of Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC) and based on the rules of Organización de Aviación Civil Internacional OACI), according to the request of Secretaría de la Defensa (Sedena) to have these studies.

The document specifies that it seeks to optimize the operations of the AICM and Toluca, as well as airspace, with the aim of designing airspace and procedures by instruments, establishing the capabilities and interaction between the three airports.

The master plan should be carried out with a study of capacity and service levels, the air and ground side, complementary buildings, among others, and the first phase should be delivered no later in March and the second between April and June.

The potential demand of the AICM, Toluca and Santa Lucía should be determined and the air routes that could be offered for the operation of each one should be defined, including new routes that derived from the growth of the infrastructure would have a potential attraction for the operators, among others.