Premio Italia Mexico

Premio Italia Mexico

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The Second Edition Award for Bilateral RelationsLast November 18th, 2010, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico announced the 2nd edition of the "Premio Italia- Mexico" entrepreneurs' award. The event was hosted by the Embassy of Italy in Mexico.

At the time of the announcement the Ambassador of Italy to Mexico Roberto Spinelli, the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico Marco Cannizzo, and the entrepreneurs Vito Taormina, Lorenzo Díaz Campos and Adalberto Cortesi expressed appreciation for the opportunities that Mexico has made possible for business exchange with Italian investors.

Enrico Buzzi, President of the Corporation Moctezuma SAB, was recognized with the Honor Award. This is for his encouragement and promotion of the business and commercial bonds between both countries via the Grupo Cementos Moctezuma. These distinctions were granted by the Ambassador of Italy in Mexico, Roberto Spinelli. He was accompanied by Marco Cannizzo, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce here.

Ambassador Spinelli called attention to the leading role of the Italian small, medium and large entrepreneurs in the strengthening of bilateral commercial relationships between the two nations. "I extend thanks," he said, "to those who through their work and effort promote and strengthen growing confidence in Mexico."

"On a commercial level," he pointed out, "we have to say that Italy represents for Mexico, after Germany, the second largest provider of European Countries as well as approximately 85% of our exports. These are mostly concentrated in the machinery sector along with instrumental goods", explained Ambassador Spinelli. "The Italian entrepreneurs trust Mexico," he continued, "and its investment potential. They have allowed a stronger link between the two countries that encourages not only the exchange of entrepreneurial matters, but also cultural ideas and business opportunities," he added.

Enrico Buzzi, recognized with the Honor Award of this edition of the "Premio Italia-Mexico", expressed his commitment and trust in Mexico as an excellent Country for the promotion and consolidation of Italian industry. The Buzzi Family has been dedicated to the cement industry for 102 years. The Buzzi Unicem Group is the sixth largest cement producer in the world. In Mexico, this group has played a significant role vis-a-vis Cementos Moctezuma, working in association with the Spanish group Cementos Molins. They have worked closely with other Mexican partners like Grupo Carso and Antonio Cosio.

The constant investment of Cementos Moctezuma carried out by the Grupo Buzzi and their partners has resulted in the construction of three of the most modern cement plants in the world, with projects underway in Italy and another more recent opening in Veracruz.

Enrico Buzzi has had the vision to identify a market in Mexico for big investments, according to the Italian Chamber of Commerce. This vision started a long time ago when this Country was little known for its Italian entrepreneurs. Mr. Buzzi has maintained his faith in Mexico for over 20 years. This is reflected in his company's constant investments.

More awards were given to other outstanding entrepreneurs in diverse industries. One is the case of Vito Taormina in the category of "Small Entrepreneur". He is an Italian journalist who after having covering important positions in the first level media of Italy, such as being correspondent in New York for the magazine Panorama, the most important in Italy, he moved to the Riviera Maya where he started Il Sole d´Italia which is the only Italian print media in Mexico.

Within five years of coming into existence this media and its distribution have passed from regional to national levels and it is also a bilingual publication (Italian- Spanish). The purpose of this publication is to join the Italian community in the Country by broadcasting Italian culture around everywhere to Mexicans and above all to serve as a tool of friendship between the two nations.

In the category of "Medium-Large Entrepreneur", the award was given to Lorenzo Diaz Campos. He is an entrepreneur dedicated to the production and commercialization of office furniture with strong design links and the Italian system. At this time his company "Grupo Di" is a firm that is Italian in concept and in this way; Campos is an active promoter with remarkable leadership in design and Italian culture in interior Mexican design and architecture.

Finally, the "Lifetime Achievement Award" was given to Adalberto Cortesi. He has lived in Mexico for almost 50 years and is the founder of the Mexican subsidiary of the Group Techint. It is one of the main engineering as well as steel producing groups in the world. His path has been to guide the on-going growth of this subsidiary until its transformation into one of the main industrial groups in Mexico.

Cortesi has promoted and supported all the Italian institutions with a presence in Mexico. He has done this by many times taking the leadership position of the Presidency of the Dante Alighieri, the Italian Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Mexico-Italy Bilateral Committee.

He has sustained diverse initiatives in the public sector in addition. In particular is his support of the environment. His long and successful careers, along with his corresponding initiatives of solidarity have earned him the merit to receive important distinctions. One, for example, is the Cross of Honor of the "Universal League of Public Good".

Marco Cannizzo, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico concluded the event with these words: "These kinds of stimuli have the objective that entrepreneurs from the two nations now have a much deeper knowledge of the business and investment opportunities existing between the two countries. This is realized everywhere by providing a stronger force of commercial exchange between the two nations," he said.