Profeco reported that the price of egg, chicken, potato, apple and orange decreased

The price of the kg of egg, chicken, potato, apple and orange was reduced from US$5.3 to US$0.45, according to the weekly report of the Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profeco), conducted in six states of the Mexican Republic. 

The agency said that the report of the basic basket was prepared based on a monitoring of various establishments in Mexico City and its metropolitan area, as well as Cuernavaca, Villahermosa, Cancun, Saltillo and Campeche.

Profeco said that the cut to October 1st and according to the fourth week of August was noted a decrease in the kg of orange in all cities included and explained that Cuernavaca reported a decrease of up of US$0.45.

Followed by states such as Saltillo with US$0.38, Cancun with US$0.36, Mexico City with US$0.35, Campeche with US$0.28, and Villahermosa with US$0.16.