Prudential Real Estate Investors

Prudential Real Estate Investors

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Prudential Real Estate Investors is the real estate investment management business of Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE:PRU) PREI® offers core, value-added and opportunistic strategies investment directly in real estate in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia for global institutional clients.

PREI Latin America has been active in the Mexican market since 2003. Since then, PREI has had successful partnerships with strong, local and active developers. These partners have worked along closely with the investment program and are an integral part of the portfolio's growth. Their business strategy is to reach synergies and additional value by aligning with the interests and experience of their best partners who are the developers, contractors, operators and leasing agents in Mexico.

Combining this local talent with the company's in-depth, institutional global portfolio management expertise translates into success for the client's benefi t. In upcoming years Prudential Real Estate Investors wants to consolidate their presence in major industrial markets while increasing their presence in future expanding markets. At the same time they want to take advantage of their partners' network and local presence.

"Our partners," Rodrigo Meza, Portfolio Manager of the Industrial Program of PREI Latin America pointed out, "Amistad, O'Donnell and RMSG have developed such expertise and local insight that they recognize markets at their peak or on the path of growth. There is room for speculative buildings in these blooming markets where local presence and institutional management really matter and our partners are benefi tting from that."

The three partners work to provide an integrated solution for their customers in the Real Estate Industry.

According to David O'Donnell who is the founder and CEO of O'Donnell - Mexico, his company does business with the vision of having a national scope and local presence.

Claudio Ramon, who is President of Amistad Global Developers, expresses it this way: "Amistad provides a comprehensive and integrated solution offering a full package that includes real estate, construction and start-up services. We offer not only a facility but a relationship based on trust, as well as support in all areas of initial operations. As we have seen throughout the years, approximately 72% of our business is from returning clients."

Pablo Culebro is the General Manager of RMSG. He explained how his company provides solutions for the Real Estate Industry.
"RMSG," he said, "using their team of regional promoters, provides studies with the objective of getting the right profi le for new clients entering the market. Thanks to these analyses they are then able to plan, develop and implement concrete strategies providing solutions that will meet the expectations of each client in a particular way."

Regarding his partnership with PREI, Mr. O'Donnell had this observation: "We provide local real estate expertise and execution and they provide equity, debt fi nancing and risk analysis."

Amistad created a strategic alliance with Prudential Real Estate Investors over seven years ago. According to Claudio Ramon, this provides a powerful platform allowing their clients to benefi t from their vast market experience and potential when leasing, buying, selling and managing industrial facilities nationwide.
"This alliance," he pointed out, "has fortifi ed our position in the development and acquisition of industrial real estate in the country. Together during these six years Amistad-Prudential has built over 3.5 million sq. ft. and is in the process of developing several industrial buildings."

RMSG has also been a partner with PREI for seven years and both have worked with a unifi ed vision. Both pursue the same objectives and understanding of the needs of all parties involved.
At the same time they also want to keep an open and effective communication that will strengthen the value of the work that is done together. In every new project they always work with the total support of PREI and at the end of the day this is being translated into dependable service, excellent quality and mutual benefi ts for clients and investors.

Bringing over 34 years of experience to the forefront, Amistad Industrial Developers is a proven leader in the Industrial Real Estate Industry. They have the experience, knowledge and expertise to be able to provide their clients turn-key packages guaranteed to meet their needs. Their team provides quality and proven service time and time again and there is a track record to prove it. This is a playing field where 7 out of 10 clients have expanded with the company during 34 years of business.

RMSG is presently developing several Built-To-Suit projects.
RMSG has been able to capitalize on the opportunities that the industrial sector offers at this time. These are mainly with projects related to automotive assemblers bringing investors who supply all the levels in Mexico.

David O'Donnell also stated: "We are commencing various projects throughout the country. We will lease approximately 2.0 million square feet this year and end the year with a vacancy of 10%. We superseded our goals and are well-positioned for 2013."

Currently Amistad is fi nishing the development of their newest industrial park in Ramos Arizpe as well as several buildings in the Bajio region in Mexico. This 94 acre (38 hectares) Park will provide a contained community featuring companies from around the world in the automotive, HVAC and aerospace sectors.
Amistad has fi nished two spec buildings – a 150,000 square foot Spec facility in Ramos Arizpe and another 137,000 square feet in Bajio. These are ready to be leased by prospective clients, as Claudio Ramon explained.

RMSG forecasts an increase in their income close to 50% for the end of 2012 compared with the previous year. According to Pablo Culebro: "We are very satisfi ed with the results and are convinced of the belief that this can be the beginning of the recovery that we are all expecting."

Even under present global conditions, Amistad has had a good growth year. Claudio Ramon proudly explains it this way: "We have provided solutions to over 16 different companies throughout our three divisions and we have fi ve important projects on the line. While pursuing our growth strategy we have managed to maintain our high quality of service, sound fi nancial stability and growing social awareness and ability. This has all helped us to adapt to market conditions and allows us to continue to expand successfully."

As for his fi rm's mission statement, David O'Donnell had this to offer: "Our strategy with PREI for the next year will be to anticipate increasing demand, grow with our clients, invest intelligently and at the same time focus on competitiveness."