Public tender in the works to build fuel terminal in Michoacan port

The Port of Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, located in the Pacific Coast, will launch its first public tender to build a fuel terminal project in the complex premises, revealed specialized news outlet Platts in recent days. 

Proposals will be received on February 2 for the winning bid to be announced in early March. The new facility is expected to be operational within 24 months.

According to a feasibility study, the new terminal could fulfill demand for 900,000 tons/year (20,835 b/d) of imported gasoline and diesel in Michoacan, the Mexico City area and the Bajio region (Central Mexico).

Fuel received by the terminal would be moved via trucks or rail. Kansas City Southern Mexico has control of the rail services in Lazaro Cardenas, Platts revealed.


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