Puebla must invest in Industrial Parks by 2022

Puebla must invest in Industrial Parks by 2022

PUEBLA – The government of Puebla should consider for the 2022 budget to make the state's industrial parks more attractive in terms of services, in order to attract foreign investment, said the president of the local National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra), Luis Espinosa Rueda.

He stated that such proposal of the organization is feasible, based on the information obtained from other states such as Guanajuato, Queretaro and Nuevo Leon, which have achieved a collaboration between the private initiative and the authorities.

He commented that the proposal is feasible if the authorities seek to project an economic recovery in the short and medium term to face the effects that the pandemic brings to the development of the states, which must continue producing in spite of the conditions.

The leader pointed out that it is necessary to provide a good budget to the Ministry of Economy, which is vital as an intermediary with the companies to invite them to visit Puebla and the infrastructure in industrial parks, of which there are 20.

He explained that it is not a matter of seeking new national or foreign investments, since first the state has to consult the availability of land in the industrial parks and in terms of services to guarantee that the project will be carried out.

He explained that the Puebla administration headed by Miguel Barbosa Huerta has private projects so far in his administration, but they have been stopped due to the sanitary contingency, and this should not be a reason to stop looking for more investments.

Source: El Economista