Puebla seeks to attract industrial real estate investment

Puebla seeks to attract industrial real estate investment

PUEBLA, PUE – The National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) considered that more land should be generated to be made available to developers and that there should be more manufacturing complexes to make the entity competitive.

Luis Espinosa Rueda, president of the organism, considered that, although there are 21 industrial parks, the offer must also be expanded, because in states with important activity in branches such as automotive, textile, food, among others, there are reserves to accommodate any type of company.

"In Puebla we should not wait to have more land until there are private projects, but to have them for entrepreneurs to choose where they consider feasible to settle," he said.

Espinosa Rueda commented that in the metropolitan area the land is pulverized, but efforts must be made to offer extensions that may interest industrial park developers.

He indicated that land is required for five years and that it is feasible for the companies, where it is easy to put services and the authorities want to invest in infrastructure of services.

The president of the organism mentioned that also between businessmen and government should promote maintenance projects to industrial complexes to attract domestic and foreign investment, because there will be firms that want to come to developed manufacturing areas.

"The state enjoys a privileged geographic location that connects with the main markets of the country and offers growth opportunities, which is reason enough to invest in the manufacturing zones," he said.

He commented that attention to these zones should be part of the state's industrial policy, in order to help Canacintra to attract investments.

Source: El Economista